I too am waiting for Mi MIX 2S to drop officially but really frustrated by how they are taking their own sweet time. There's just something about Mi Singapore that makes them slow to bring in phones for some reason. Unlikely China has insufficient stock for export, Xiaomi recently entered European markets like France and Italy, they already have the Mi MIX 2S. Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan have it for a while as well, not to mention these markets have the White and 128GB version on sale. Not only we are getting the phone slow, we don't get other colours or storage configurations for Mi models, Mi 6 and Mi MIX 2 last year were prime examples. I am sure even after all the waiting, Mi MIX 2S will probably just launch in Black and 6GB/64GB configuration only with no plans for White and 128GB versions. It is coming to a point of being purely ridiculous, constantly opening up Mi Zones and Mi Stores but slow to bring in new models. Was initially intrigued by the Mi 8 but given this kind of speed, I can forget about it. It is no wonder people are just buying export sets. {:4_92:}