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2017-01-09 10:03 AM

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Hi Dear Mi fans!! Our previous Mi Explorers recruitment campaign has come to an end and we successfully selected the perfect Mi fans to be our Explorers to experience our new products! For those who are “so close” to getting selected, do not be disappointed, we also have something amazing prepared for you!

We just launched the main page of Mi Explorers 2017 today, which means you can access to various activities through this page NOW.

Campaign time:
9 - 22nd JAN

What you can do on Mi Explorers page:
1. Like, share and comment on explorers’ creatives.
2. Upload Mi-fan created missions for explorers. Yes, you can customize a mission and gather others to challenge it!
3. Treasure chest will appear randomly on program pages. You can click to open them and win random amount of gems. And use your gems to redeem various amazing prizes!
How to obtain gems?
1. Likes: The first 10 “likes” you give each day will grant you 5 gems. Daily up limit is 50 gems. Each Mi fan (viewer who has Mi account) can like a single creative (photo, video or text) once. Likes are not retrievable.  
2. Shares: your first 10 shares each day will grant you 5 gems. Daily up limit is 50 gems. Each Mi fan can share a single creative once only.
Looking for treasure chests:
(1)Treasure chests will appear randomly on different pages (The more time you spend on browsing pages, the more chances you will have got to obtain treasure chests!). The amount of gems in each treasure chest is random. A special treasure chest will appear on landing page on the top right corner after time first time you logging in. This special treasure chest will grant you 20 gems which can be used to redeem a lucky draw opportunity.
(2)Share on facebook/twitter about gems hunting will grant you more chances to open treasure chests.

3. Upload fan-created mission and get approved: Mi fan can upload mission of their own creation. If get approved and accepted, 300 gems will be granted.
      This is a quite generous give-away, isn’t it? It is the mission where you can leave others way behind you :-P

How to redeem the gems?
  • Accumulate gems to redeem prizes:      
    Below is a table of prize list with the amount of gems needed to redeem them.

Amount of gems needed
Mi Mouse
Pro/In-ear headphones Pro
10k Powerbank
Mi VR Play
Rs.100 all applicable voucher
Rs. 30 accy voucher

  • Lucky draw prizes: each Mi fan can redeem one type of prize only once.

§  Rs. 50 accessories voucher
§  Rs. 200 all applicable voucher
§  USB Fan
§  Bluetooth speaker
§  Yi Light
§  F code for “the next generation Redmi phone”
§  A new Redmi device (A.K.A “the next generation Redmi phone”)
How to redeem:
  • All the prizes acquired, including redeemed prizes and lucky draw prizes, will be displayed in “Reward” session under “Profile”. These prizes will require user to activate and redeem from your Mi account in mi.com.
  • All prizes will be delivered in the form of redeemable vouchers, except for Mi Mouse.
  • Prizes are valid from Jan. 9th 2017 to 17:00pm Jan 22nd 2017.

"Explorer Rankings" page will display a real-time rankings based on gems Mi fans get.
This whole thing is a generous give-away from Mi for thanking every Mi fan for their love and support! Don’t let chances pass by, just grab them!

Itchy for a try? Go Exploring! Let’s wait and see who gets the most gems!


Number of participants 39Experience +99 Collapse Reason
Raj Gor + 1 Powerful!
1622534990 + 1 Useful!
1625550453 + 1 Powerful!
Subbu_KGM + 1 Very nice!
1658632692 + 1 Interesting!
Avishek Rauniyar + 1 Useful!
Lokesh Chennaiah + 2 Thank you!
Anirudh Jain + 1 Very nice!
AamanMahi + 10 Useful! Although lots of gems lost in lu
Rajendra Wakle + 1 Very nice!
sleepybunny + 1 Useful!
drawat0211 + 1 Useful!
Dev.chopra + 1 Very nice!
niravpatel + 1 Useful!
BiswJit panigrahy + 1 Useful!
Mohit Kundu + 1 Very nice!
MridulSharma + 1
KarriVinod + 1 Powerful!
Saurabh Rai + 1 Awesome
akibkhan + 10 Powerful!

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2017-01-09 10:03 AM
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MIUI Stable testers

Vicky_2121 | from Redmi Note 3


Ready to Explore and Challenge the Boundaries.....Love u Xiaomi.....


Number of participants 2Experience +3 Collapse Reason
Iamaditya + 2 Very nice!
1620289933 + 1 Powerful!

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2017-01-09 10:16 AM
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I am on it Team want to be one of them
2017-01-09 10:19 AM
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Resources Team

kuldeepy2k | from MI MAX


Great ready to explore
2017-01-09 10:21 AM
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READY to Next Explore challenge
2017-01-09 10:24 AM
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Pro Bunny

Ajay2016 | from app


Great news.. I m ready to explore
2017-01-09 10:24 AM
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Advanced Bunny

1654461056 | from Redmi 3S


where we can see if we are selected or not


Number of participants 1Experience +1 Collapse Reason
anshu_01 + 1 Useful!

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2017-01-09 10:24 AM
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Semi Pro Bunny

Avinash Gupta :D | from Redmi Note 3


gud to hear dis :) but where is the list of Mi explorer ?
2017-01-09 10:25 AM
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Semi Pro Bunny

Shibajee Behera | from Redmi 3S


i m in..thanks xiaomi
2017-01-09 10:25 AM
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Pro Bunny

Vinay Kumar Bawta | from Mi 4i


I am so impressed this contents
2017-01-09 10:26 AM
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Semi Pro Bunny

Charan Singh | from app


luv it
thank you mi
2017-01-09 10:29 AM
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