Hello Mi FansIn this thread I'll share with you an amazing feature ofMIUI Camera.

What is the most difficult thing while clicking images in a large screen display device? Or say what is the thing that you're worried of while clicking images?
For me, holding a device and reaching the shutter button sometime becomes difficult while clicking images. I'm always worried of my device falling down.
We all use MIUI Camera app to click awesome images and I'm sure that you'll all agree with me with that fact that it does render beautiful output. We can click images in Auto mode as well as in Manual mode in MIUI Camera.
The feature I'm going to share is useful while clicking selfies.

When we click selfies we try to hold our phone properly. We have to adjust the camera as per our position and then we have to run our finger on the
SHUTTER BUTTON to click an image. A lot many times our hand may get disturbed and as a result our image gets unfocused or maybe sometimes our mobile falls down. (It happened with me.)

But from now on NO more unfocused images or NO more falling of mobile.