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[Tips] How to Take a Picture Perfect Shot on Mi A1!

2017-11-19 23:17:57
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Hello, Mi Fans!
We hope that you must been participating in the ongoing photography contest #ShotOnMiA1, and so we are here to let you learn how to take a perfect shot on your Mi A1 and increase your chances to win a grand prize:

How to Take a Picture Perfect Shot on Mi A1

Understanding the Mi A1 camera
The Mi A1 rear dual camera setup uses a 12MP 26mm wide-angle lens and a 12MP 50mm telephoto lens. The primary wide-angle lens has a large 1.25μm camera sensor size, which lets in more light than typical camera sensors.

What does that mean?
The wide-angle and telephoto lenses dual camera setup allows you to:
  • 1. Take portrait images with a clear subject focus in the foreground with a beautiful background blur, like this image:

  • 2. Achieve 2x optical zoom, without digitally enlarging pixels:

  • 3. Photos look exceptional, especially under great lighting conditions.

How to use Mi A1 portrait mode:
  • Open your camera app
  • Tap on the little human icon
  • When the human icon turns blue, it means the portrait mode has been activated

  • Now lock in your focus and hit the shutter

Tips on achieving a consistent, beautiful bokeh effect:
1. Background matters
  • Look for good foreground and background separation. Deep backgrounds make for better bokeh. E.g.:

  • Find backgrounds that show off bokeh light. E.g.:

  • Avoid complicated background. If the background is too cluttered or complicated, the camera algorithm can get confused on the right place to focus, resulting in unwanted blur along the edges of the subject.

2. Subject matters
  • The closer you can get to the subject, the greater the blur. E.g.:

  • Avoid objects with odd borders and hard edges or transparent areas as the wrong areas can get blurred. Try to keep the subject’s hair neat and tidy, and choose subjects that have clear, defined borders:

  • Avoid light-colored subjects, and make sure they are high in contrast against the background to achieve the best effect. Thin objects or scenes where they have a lot of similar colors usually don’t get a good bokeh effect. E.g. of colors in high contrast:

3. Lighting matters
  • Pay attention to the lighting, make sure the subject is well-lit and avoid backgrounds that are overexposed.

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2017-11-19 23:17:57
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Mi A1 O Tester

Tom Chua | from Redmi Note 4


Thank you so much
2017-11-20 00:17:49
Tom Chua
Thank you so much

Take more portrait photos and share with us here, ok? (^_^)
2017-11-20 00:20:10

Mi A1 O Tester

Tom Chua | from Mi A1


Kerk Lik Christopher
Take more portrait photos and share with us here, ok? (^_^)

Sure, I'm still learning to take a better portrait photos.
2017-11-20 02:39:08
Tom Chua
Sure, I'm still learning to take a better portrait photos.

Ok. I'm looking forward ya :-D
2017-11-20 07:21:04

Просунутий кролик

Mrsx Jinn Toro | from Redmi Note 5A Prime


Thank you so much for sharing
2017-12-04 05:53:32

Кролик новачок

Vinson Goo | from Redmi Note 3


Thank you so much for sharing. Hope mi phone have better camera soon.
2017-12-07 19:31:31
wow !! thanks
2017-12-08 01:00:16

Mi A1 O Tester

syafiendou | from Mi A1


thanks for this interesting tips
2017-12-11 06:55:36
Thanks for sharing.
2017-12-11 16:12:11
!!! thanks
2018-02-14 02:54:48
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