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2016-11-21 05:16 PM

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Mi Store is an official Android app launched by Xiaomi. This app serves the primary purpose of allowing users to shop while on the go. It offers a fast and intuitive interface to search, browse and purchase all Mi products, including phones, tablets and accessories, register for flash sales, pay securely using multiple payment options and track order delivery status. Also, it offers many diverse ways for users to interact. The product reviews allows for a more intuitive and informative way of shopping. Now, it's finally here.

With the updated version of Mi Store App, you will be able to write a review for your purchased product(s), so you can express your views on the items based on your personal product experiences!

Product reviews are an essential part of Xiaomi online store. They help to establish trust and loyalty, and this is what sets Xiaomi's products apart from other brands in the market.

A Step-by-step guide: how to write a review?
1. Go to [Account] and find your purchased goods that are awaiting reviews.
R1 评价列表@2x.jpg
2. Rate the product and write a review according to your true feelings. Upload pics of the product (eg. hands-on unboxing pics) from your phone gallery and submit them to your review to make it illustrative.
R2 评价详情.jpg R3-评价详情-选图.jpg R5-评价详情-选相册.jpg R6-评价详情-已填.jpg

3. All successfully submitted reviews will be displayed according to 3 mechanisms: Most Helpful, Most Recent and Oldest. "Most Helpful" display is set by default settings. Get as many rates as you can to make your reviews appear on top!

4. Quality product reviews are displayed in product page and can get the highest exposure!!

D2 产品页_多状态.jpg

5. Pics attached in reviews can be viewed in full-screen mode, presenting every detail of products.

Also, quality products reviews are beneficial for Mi fans in return.
So how do Mi fans benefit from writing a product review? Please read on to find more.

What you will get if you review a product?
Each review you give serves as a good educated introduction to this product and a convincing shopping guidance to other prospective buyers. Your quality reviews will enhance the authenticity of the products and also get you coupons/vouchers to use on Xiaomi online store (if your reviews are selected as "quality reviews").

Tips to write a quality product review:
1. Write how you feel about using this product with informative and illustrative details.
2. High-resolution hands-on pics will make your reviews stand out from other dull expressions.
3. Present the product with different angles (eg. the packaging, the label, the logo, the front camera, even the ashes on the screen!!) to show its appearance and features, as our users have an obsession with tiny details of MI products!
4. Being selected as "quality review" will get your reviews more exposure, more rates by others, amazing coupons for you to spend and even a chance for you to get instantly famous!

We are trying every effort in building a user-friendly and one-stop shopping atmosphere and letting you enjoy your shopping experiences, that's why we brought the feature of product review, to make your purchase easier and effort-less (no need to search in Google for Mi product reviews any more!).

Wanna try out this feature? Upgrade your App NOW and have a shopping blast! Remember to write product reviews to win coupons! Good luck:P
Q: When do I leave a product review?
A: Users can leave product reviews after the products are despatched and they have used products.

Q: Where to write the product reviews?
A: Go to [Account] and find a list of your purchased goods that are awaiting reviews.

Q: How to get selected as "quality review"?
A: There is a set standard guidance of quality review above the product list (pending reviews). Staff from customer service will review each of your product review and select "quality reviews". Once get selected, you will receive a coupon to spend on Mi online store.

Any questions regarding this feature, please leave them in the reply.


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2016-11-21 05:16 PM
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Useful info to wrote reviews and give feedback.
2016-11-21 05:28 PM
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Master Bunny

Abhimanyu Jagtap | from MI MAX


Nice article.
2016-11-21 05:31 PM
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Advanced Bunny

Ntsh | from Redmi Note 3


thanks for the info...
2016-11-21 05:34 PM
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not bad good
2016-11-21 05:34 PM
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nice! It is very useful for mi fans to write their thoughts about the product which came in their mind.
2016-11-21 05:35 PM
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Pro Bunny

Mahinder | from Redmi 3S


nice post useful
2016-11-21 05:36 PM
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Pro Bunny

S@IKUM@R | from Redmi 3S


good post useful
2016-11-21 05:37 PM
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unable to give review ... when i got to review tab and click on , write a review to win coupons>> after that instruction how to give review when i click on got it ... it again redirect to (write a review to win coupons>>) plz update this its not working
2016-11-21 05:40 PM
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Regards ,
Abhishek Singh

Rookie Bunny

607004702 | from Redmi Note 3


Amazing products of Mi.... First cell phone Redmi 1s. Second cell phone Redmi Note. Third cell phone Redmi Note 3..... Very Happy with the products....
2016-11-21 05:40 PM
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Rookie Bunny

Uday K | from Redmi Note 3


good one.. mi belongs to me
2016-11-21 05:40 PM
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