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[Updates] Want to be a celebrity? Here’s a detailed guide to Mi Live App!

2016-07-13 12:51:01

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Hi Mi Fans, if you ever wanted your 15 minutes of fame, then you'll love this new Mi Live App I'm about to introduce!

What is Mi Live?
Mi Live is a live video streaming application from Xiaomi. Mi Live offers everyone a chance to bring out the inner celebrity in you and to earn at the same time. On Mi Live, you can host live streaming sessions, watch other live streams and saved streams, send and receive gifts, and ultimately cash your gifts!

You can download the app from Google Playstore or iTunes.

Banner 4.jpg

Here’s how it works:

Once you install the app, you can login with your Facebook, Google, WeChat, QQ, Mi, or Weibo accounts.

Login 2.png
Login 1.png


The app opens on the ‘Recommended’ page. On the top of the page there will be a banner that displays official news and announcements such as opportunities to be a paid broadcaster. You’ll also get to see featured users like our Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra and see a preview of their stream.

Recommended Page.png

There are two tabs on this page that highlights Popular and Recent livestreams.



Second page is ‘Newsfeed’ where all the live and saved streams of people you follow are highlighted.



The fourth page hosts all your messages. There is a button on the top right corner that lets you start a chat.

Start a chat.jpg

Tapping on this icon will lead you to a menu where you can choose from a list of friends whom you want to chat with.

Select Friends.png
Nisar Chat.png
Chat Notification.png

You can even chat with your friends while watching a livestream.

Chat during live.png


On the Profile page, you can start with editing your profile by adding a photo and a description.

Profile Edit.png

Hosting a  Live Stream

You can start a Live Stream simply by going to the middle page in the app with the camera icon. You can choose to add a cover image and a topic.

LS 1.png

People will join you on the live stream and can gift you if they like what you are hosting. These gifts can be cashed in!

LS 2.png
LS 3.png
LS 4.png

Watching a Stream

You can watch a Live Stream or a Saved stream from the Recommended or Newsfeed Page.

You can watch a Saved Session and share it with your friends through various platforms.

Saved Session.png
Saved Session Share.png

When you are watching a Live Stream you can comment and share your appreciation.

LS Other.png

You can also send gifts worth a number of Diamonds.

Gift 1.png
Gift 2.png
Gift 3.png

You can chat with your friends and share the stream on other platforms, as well.

How much you Earn?

When you send gifts, you send them as Diamonds. A rose is equal to 1 Diamond and that gainsyou experience. Experience helps you to level up and increase your visibility. Similarly, one candy is 2 Diamonds, a mic is 5 Diamonds, a helicopter is 8888 Diamonds, and a car is 1666 Diamonds. When you click on the gift, that many Diamonds are reducedfrom your account and you recieve experience in return.

When you receive gifts, you recieve them directly as coins. Xiaomi will soon introduce Wallet system into the app which will enable you to directly use the amount you earn. For now, you can redeem your funds through PayPal. The exchange rate is as shown below:

Exchange rate.png

Recharge and Redeem

Options to recharge your diamonds to gift others and to redeem cash on the diamonds you have earned are both available on the Profile page.

Profle Page.png

You can Buy Diamonds by paying via Google Play.


You can redeem your Diamonds on PayPal.


I hope you all will enjoy going live on Mi Live and earning some money by showcasing your talent!

What do you think about Mi Live? Share your views in the comments!


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2016-07-13 12:51:01
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Please add source to your thread! :)
2016-07-14 13:03:26
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wow looks good
2016-07-14 15:09:08
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Furqaan replied at 2016-07-14 01:03 PM
Please add source to your thread! :)

Hi Mod,

It is original content, thus I haven't added the source :)

2016-07-14 17:34:55
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kolatkar replied at 2016-07-14 05:34 PM
Hi Mod,

It is original content, thus I haven't added the source :)

Sorry my bad :)
2016-07-14 17:40:19
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aditya10dulkar | from mobile


awesome :-)
2016-07-14 18:10:20
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Wow! I will download it right away!
2016-07-14 18:27:12
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AKSHAY BHOPANI | from mobile


2016-07-14 18:30:59
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Cool app.
2016-07-15 09:01:54
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awesome but it for extroverts not introverts
2016-07-15 10:49:44
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I really love the app. Went live on Mi Max launch event with it and surprisingly had over 6000 viewers for my feed.


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2016-07-15 11:19:03
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