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[Tutorial] [Feature Review] Privacy Protection Password - Your Unified Privacy Option

2016-10-25 09:05 AM

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Hello, Mi Fans!

Likewise the old iterations of MIUI, MIUI 8 too comes with lots of features related to your privacy, which includes Hidden Messages, Photos, Files & Notes. These all features are woven in particular inbuilt apps in such a genius way that without someone knowing it beforehand one won't even notice that these features are there under; new users of miui are no exception, they almost see it as hidden easter eggs when they get to know about it.

To make these features more secure, user-friendly & accessible, starting with 6.10.13, all the hidden features have been united across one single roof making them easy to manage and still serving the purpose of protecting your privacy but only better. Do note, these features are currently available under Developer ROM & not stable, but it will be incorporated in stable ROM soon too.

Where is it located?
- It is located under, "Settings - Lockscreen & Password - Privacy Protection Password"


How to use it?

Opening privacy protetion password will ask you to set your pattern password for first time after that it will show you the below screen. Do note you can choose a different pattern from the one you have set for your screen unlocking.

October 24, 2016 104508 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 104514 PM GMT 0530.jpg

Setting password & other settings

October 24, 2016 104621 PM GMT 0530.jpg

It has three settings on top namely,
  • Change password - It will let you change the password
  • Show pattern - on enabling it will show the trails of your pattern while you enter your input or not on disabling
  • Add MI account - In case you forgot your pattern & need to reset it without losing the data then this will authorize you via Mi account authorization

This Password Protects The Following Contents

The above set password is valid across all the hidden features below, managing all with one single password. We will see one by one each with the screen it will offer & options under it. These are namely,
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Files
  • Notes
  • Child mode

October 24, 2016 104752 PM GMT 0530.jpg

- Clicking it will show you the below screen with "use" button & "arrow" on side as an indication of how to use it.
- Click "use", whiich will take you to the messaging app, now as the arrow suggests pull it downwords until you see lock icon which will ask you the pattern, input the one we just set.

October 24, 2016 104916 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 110610 PM GMT 0530.jpg

Current screen is blank, but after adding "Private contact" it will show all the conversations under it.

October 24, 2016 105512 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 105527 PM GMT 0530.jpg

Below, you will find button named "private messaging settings" clicking on which will offer you one setting
  • Message notifications - This defines to issue notification for the "private contact" or not.
  • Add Private contact - Let you define contact as private contact

October 24, 2016 105554 PM GMT 0530.jpg

Clicking on private contact will give you two options:
  • Enter private number - Let you enter the number manually for which you wish to keep the messages hidden
  • Select from contacts - Let you select the number from already saved contacts

For above inputted numbers, messages/conversations will be moved inside the hidden area, which you can only read by pulling down action inside messaging app.

- Like messages, you can hide photos too on Mi Cloud Hidden Album
- Click "use" will lead you in gallery app, click "albums" tab on top & pull down as the arrow suggested.
- On successful input of your pattern it will show the photos you have kept hidden, you can add more photos to it by opening any local/cloud album photo & clicking "Hide" option. October 24, 2016 105744 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 110117 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 110134 PM GMT 0530.jpg

  • These hidden photos are different from local "Hide" action you perform on albums, which only hide the album showing up on gallery app (can be controlled via option "show hidden album" in gallery settings)
  • While opening the photo & clicking "Hide" option below will save it under Cloud Hidden Album which is visible only & only via pattern.


- Clicking on "use" under this will lead you to File-Explorer app- Under "categories" tab, pull it down & it will ask you password.
- It will show you files you have hidden it, also you can add more via three dots on right - add more files; also you can add them from explorer app - file - select - three dots - hide option. October 24, 2016 110317 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 110443 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 110452 PM GMT 0530.jpg

  • Files hidden via this way are encrypted & saved locally, not on cloud.

- Clicking on "use" will lead you to notes app, pull it downwards as arrow suggested & it will show your your hidden notes.
- To hide a partcular note click and hold it, tap "hide".

October 24, 2016 111121 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 111159 PM GMT 0530.jpg

Child mode:

- Clicking on "use" will lead you to click mode settings, which you can set according to your own use

October 24, 2016 111250 PM GMT 0530.jpg October 24, 2016 111254 PM GMT 0530.jpg

  • Adding Mi account under privacy protection settings is highly recommended if you don't want to lose the hidden contents.
  • If you have been using these features previously then upon first use it will ask you your previous password & from next time only privacy protection password will be needed.
  • You can directly access all the hidden features directly from separate app too in stable/dev versions
  • Depending on the version child mode might be there or not.

That's it for now folks! As always your suggestions, feedback & questions are welcomed in respective MIUI sections of MIUI feedback & MIUI Q&A.

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2016-10-25 09:05 AM
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Nicely explained . Already using for messages.
2016-10-25 10:01 AM
Reply Report
Very well explained about Privacy Protection Password in MIUI 8! It must benefit for all users who isn't aware about this awesome inbuilt feature in MIUI. Thanks for the share bro! :)
2016-10-25 11:26 AM
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AMALMURALEE | from app


very well explained
2016-10-26 07:54 AM
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I am using the latest MiUi 8 beta rom.
Yes , I like this change.
2016-10-26 10:04 AM
Reply Report
The tutorial is very well explained.
2016-10-26 10:05 AM
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MIUI beta tester

csash7 | from app


thanks for sharing
2016-10-26 10:06 AM
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Pro Bunny

Tarun Ku Singh | from app


well explained... thanks
2016-10-26 10:17 AM
Reply Report
thoroughly explained ...already using it for messages and gallery
2016-10-26 10:32 AM
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Pro Bunny

1627795249 | from app


thanks for sharing
2016-10-26 10:37 AM
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Master Bunny

Subzero | from app


2016-10-26 10:38 AM
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