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[Discussion] [Debate] MIUI Camera Vs. Google Camera: What's Your Choice?

2016-06-15 00:26:11
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MIUI Camera

When you enter the Camera App, this is what you see.

Tap anywhere on the screen to focus on whatever your subject is. Once focus is achieved (green circle), tap once more to release the shutter. The exposure is also controlled here. By holding down on the circle and moving clockwise (+exposure) or anti-clockwise (-exposure). A very good and efficient way to control exposure.

MIUI 6 Camera App are some gesture based features. As mentioned above, swiping right will take you to the filters.

For the back camera, swiping right brings up some camera settings. The features are self explanatory. Having said that, this idea of gesture based features is good.

If you are in Video mode, the right swipe gets you this. Your video clip will be recorded based on the time lapse interval you have set in settings (I’ll talk about it in a while). No audio is recorded in this mode for obvious reasons. If Fast is not selected, a normal video clip is produced. It is 720p. No 1080p or any other option. In case you are wondering, the time lapse clip is also 720p.

Mirror front camera allows you to choose if you would like a mirro image when taking a selfie. Choose 4:3 (3120×4208) for your Camera frame’s setting if you want the highest resolution photo. A selection of 16:9 gives you a photo of lower resolution (2368×4208).
Google Camera

Navigating through Google's Camera app is done through a couple of gestures; all originating from the edge of your smartphone's screen. Swiping in from the right-edge will take you to the Photos app. Conversely, swiping in from the left edge will display the available camera modes. The shutter button is centered on the bottom of your device, with a settings icon just above it and to the right.

In all there are five camera modes that are supported by Google Camera.

  • Photosphere:  This allows you to quickly and easily stitch together photos to form a near 360-degree “sphere” photograph
  • Panorama:  Allows you to take panoramic photos by stitching them together
  • Blur Lens:  Manipulate the camera’s depth of field using Lens Blur to focus on the subject in the foreground and blur the background; great for portraits and selfies
  • Standard:  The normal camera mode
  • Video:  Self explanatory – allows you to shoot videos

If you need an app with a lot of filters and manual controls, this app is certainly not for you.  But if you are like most who just need a good, simple and easy-to-use camera app for your phone, give this one a look.  Its beauty is in its simplicity but it doesn’t compromise on key photo features.

Comparison of Images taken from both the apps
Miui Camera
Google Camera
MIUI Camera
Google Camera
MIUI Camera
Google Camera

P.S. - All Images are taken from my Mi 3
So its time for you to decide which camera app is better to use!

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2016-06-15 00:26:11
Favorites15 RateRate
I like Miui Camera
2016-06-15 02:25:07
**I love Mi community India**
MIUI Camera is Better Than Google Camera.
2016-06-15 02:29:06
Anytime MIUI camera, this is main concern why i'm using MiUi .hehe
2016-06-15 02:35:16
MIUI camera!
2016-06-15 08:30:50
Miuing is better than a date.

Bunny Novato

1582926685 | from mobile


2016-06-15 13:41:59

Bunny Pro



I love MIUI Camera
2016-06-15 15:46:50

Bunny Pro

$@! |


Miui Camera
2016-06-15 19:23:27
MIUI Camera over Google Camera
2016-06-16 07:32:54
Excellent comparison
2016-06-16 07:56:23
Stock camera app for sure.
2016-06-16 08:28:44
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