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[Recap] KOLKATA 2nd Fan Club Meet

2016-06-29 01:36 AM

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Hey Kolkata Mi Fans,

We had our 2nd Fan Club Meet on 26th June.It was a long wait after our 1st Club meet in May.And finally the D-day came.And it was our 1st meet after the Mi Community build up,so this meet up was one of the special too.
Mi Fan Clubs (Mi-FC's) are the essence of what Mi means to all of us and no, it's not I, Me, Myself but rather Us, as a community coming together and bonding over our mutual love of technology and all things Mi. Be it a simple USB Fan to the latest Mi5, Mi-FC's have become the home to a plethora of smart, witty and inspired discussions amongst like minded individuals exceeding limiations and expectations!
One of the major focus of the Mi-FC's is the holding of a monthly gathering known as the Mi-FC's meet where Mi Fans from different parts of the City to meet and greet and partake in some common activities based around a theme that changes from month to month!
This month, the theme of the Mi-FC meet was "MAX" in celebration of the Mi Max to be launched on the 30th of June, 2016 and all FCs were asked to prepare something MAX befitting the theme.  The Kolkata Mi-FC, going by the theme decided to create a "MAX" size poster measuring 5"x5" in order to celebrate the launch of Mi Max.

We opened the meet from 2pm onwards at our pre-decided venue of Eco Park and soon after Mi Fans from the FC came sprawling to where we welcomed them in open arms. After a round of cold water drinks on a hot warm day,
the FC members began working together to build the ginormous poster!
People split into team for cutting and pasting bits and pieces of the poster until finally our fruits were realized! It was a magnificent team work guided by the hands of our own Biswajit Jana/Uluberia who took it upon himself to ensure everything was perfect and so it was!
After a nice hour or two spent in such magnificent teamwork, everyone decided to cool off through some refreshments while the younger ones took part in admiring the landscapes of Eco Park by shooting numerous shots of the whole landscape!
Once everyone was back and the glue to our Max sized poster had dried, we all came together and had a nice long glamourous photo op session after which we slowly made our way out of Eco Park and back to our homes with a heart that was overjoyed and a mind that was delightfully amused knowing that, the next Mi-FC meet was right around the corner, real soon!

Here are the photos of the meet!!Enjoy it guys..!!!

Yeah This was our 2nd Fan Meet!!


Making of The Poster Under Progress!!





Final Look of the poster!!


Poster With The Mi Fans!!





Poster and Our Club banner!!


Couple of Random Shots by the Fans!!



Hope you guys enjoyed the Meet very much.See you guys soon.Till then stay with us in Mi Community!!


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2016-06-29 01:36 AM
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Mi FC Kolkata
Mi Max poster is awesome. Will come on the next meet!
2016-06-29 02:20 AM
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Had lovely time with you all!

Though the some of the pictures make me look excessively fat
2016-06-29 11:18 AM
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Happy to Help!
The Mi Max poster looks great. Thanks to all the members of MI-FC Kolkata for their efforts.
2016-06-29 01:46 PM
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Proud owner of MI4. MIUI fan from Kolkata.
darun hoyeche :D xD
2016-06-29 04:17 PM
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It was a fantastic event where we have tried to make something big and the poster came very well. It was fun . But it doestn end there . Fans who have attended this event ( 26th June )  will get exclusive " MiFC Kolkata Fan Badge ".

Cheers !

2016-07-02 11:40 AM
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Fatafati.. Darun Hoyeche..
2016-07-04 02:34 PM
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Fatafati.. Darun Hoyeche..
2016-07-04 02:35 PM
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How can I take part in these events ?? m also from Kolkata
2016-07-05 12:08 AM
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ahhh....badly wanted to attend this meet.....nevermind next time will sure will be there
2016-07-05 01:56 PM
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The poster is super awesome! Great work by my friends!


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michaelliao07 + 1 Exactly....poster is so cool

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2016-07-06 09:02 AM
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