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[Other] Iris Scanner or Fingerprint Scanner? Which one would you prefer and why?

2017-08-30 06:59:28
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Greetings Mi Fans,

Smartphones have evolved into a technology beast having almost all the features that even a computer these days doesn't. Well among all the new developments been made to smartphones, two great technologies have changed the face of smartphone security and they are the Fingerprint Recognition & Iris Scanning Technology.

It's been a while since the Fingerprint Sensor has come into the market and is now seen on almost all smartphones and even on the budget devices. In the other hand, the Iris Scanner has recently come on to the stage and yet has a lot to show us. Well in between all these there lies a debate on Which one is better? Fingerprint sensor OR Iris Scanner? We will talk about both the technologies here and we'll leave the decision on you of what you would want on your next smartphone.
What is a Fingerprint Scanner?
Not really a question worth asking at thispoint of time as we all probably know what it is and what it does. However, a Fingerprint Scanner is a piece of technology which reads and stores the skin pattern of our Fingertips which allows us to lovk/unlock our devices very quickly.

What is an Iris Scanner?
An Iris Scanning mechanism is a piece of technology which uses the method of biometric which uses mathematical pattern recognition on video images of an Iris of an eye or a pair of Iris of pair of eyes. As these complex Iris patterns are unique for every individual it serves as the same purpose as the Fingerprint Sensor.

Advantages of Fingerprint Scanner over an Iris Scanner:
  • Cost effective- Applying the Fingerprint Scanner feature on a device requires lessar cost and hence easier for production and the manufacturer can spend more on other components.
  • Availability- Due to the technology being with us for a while now it is widely available on devices.
  • More features- Well the fact can't be denied that the Fingerprint Sensor can also be used as an extra button on Android devices for going bavk, bringing down the notification panel, taking selfies etc.
  • Faster- Can't believe? But yes the Fingerprint Sensor is faster than the Iris scanner(At this point of time) maybe the Iris Scanner would become faster than the Fingerprint Sensor but we would like to stick to the present.

Advantages of Iris Scanner over a Fingerprint Scanner:
  • More convenient- Yes it is more convenient! No hands. Just stare at your device as if she is a beauty and Viola UNLOCKED.
  • Occupies less build space- This is a tiny difference but it does take lesser hardware space than a Fingerprint Scanner.
  • Cooler- Its cooler than a Fingerprint Scanner now as you just have to look at the sensor and your device would unlock.
The Iris Scanner might be cooler but you can't really do a lot of things with it which you can do with a Fingerprint Scanner.

What do you think guys? Is the Iris Scanner a show stealer for you? Or you would like to go with the old school Fingerprint Scanner which is more usable and faster?
Vote for your choice below and let us know which piece of technology would you like to see on your next smartphone and why (in the comments).
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2017-08-30 06:59:28
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My preference is iris scanner, because it's very high secured
2017-08-30 08:17:17
iris scanner
2017-08-30 08:44:02

Кролик Майстер

SIMZ | from Redmi Note 3


Mostly finger print
2017-08-30 09:04:14
iris is best
2017-08-30 09:26:59
2017-08-30 09:33:21
Nice information                  
2017-08-30 09:35:57
Iris scanner
2017-08-30 12:52:04
I will prefer both in my device..
2017-08-30 13:03:49
both are preferred
2017-08-31 02:21:13
thanks for sharing
2017-08-31 07:37:18
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