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[Review] 5 Main Reasons To Buy The Amazing Xiaomi's New Air Purifier 2

2016-09-21 01:16 PM

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I believe every one is very excited about the launch of  Mi Smart Air Purifier 2 in India !Mi Smart Air Purifier comes with a double-fan and independent air passage design. It is small, and takes an area as small as an A4 paper; it is equipped with Japan-made electrical machines, responsible for ventilation and air supply respectively. What is the most important? Mi Air Purifier 2 filters the air with a fantastic capacity of 310 m³/h. Mi Air Purifier can be controlled by a Mi phone and an alert will send out when the filter is in need of replacement.

  • Dual fan, air ducts for large indoor circulation
  • Produces nearly 10,000 liters of clean air per minute (310 m³/h)
  • 3-layered filter removes 99.99% of PM2.5 particles
  • Real-time air quality monitor and auto speed control
  • Smartphone remote control and alerts
  • Occupies area equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper

Mi Air Purifier 2 is a 40% smaller, quieter and more powerful version. It’s 11% quieter than the first version at just 30dB (that’s silent!). All these technologies breakthroughs are sufficient to make you decide to get it NOW! but here I am giving you the  Best Reasons For Buying The Mi Smart Air Purifier 2

1) Smaller & Lighter

Mi Air Purifier 2, as compared to the first generation of products, got 40 percent decrease in size and looks more compact from the perspective of saving space, or from the overall weight point of view, are more portable. You can put it on the bed next to the cabinet, and can be easily moved  below to the desk. There are several purifiers available in market whose purifying capability ok but they are unusually heavy when Compared  to Mi Air Purifier 2, making the Mi Air Purifier 2 undoubtedly the best choice to buy.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that, as compared with other bulky air purifier products, Mi Air Purifier 2 comes in compact yet powerfull packaging, with design of the plastic handle for taking it to your home very conveniently.

2)High Pruification Capicity

while talking about the Air Purifiers, the ost important thing is to talk about the Putrification Capicity of it. Mi air purifier have  very High Pruification Capicity. Mi Air Purifier2 has an updated system of air flow to ensure the purification capacity of 330m3/h. Now, after pressing “Start / Power” button starts immediately absorption of pollution and spread of clean air in all rooms. Elegant, sleek design of Mi Air Purifier2 is suitable for any interior. Use your smartphone to adjust speed of air circulation according to space of the room to ensure fast and high quality air purification in your home.

While Sleeping, the body will be discharges hundreds of chemical substances from the respiratory system, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc. If the bedroom closed it will have have a huge negative impact on human health, particularly on quality of sleep. Now with the Mi Air Purifier 2 Switch on sleep mode and air purifier will run in silent mode, clearing the air from different harmful elements. Therefore, when waking up in the morning, you will forget about headaches, lack of sleep and poor health.

3) Design

The design of Xiaomi products has always been one of their highlights. Xiaomi has taken a lot from designers to produce products, and especially for those in their Mi Smart Home range, that are aesthetically pleasing.Measuring just 520mm by 240mm, the Mi Air Purifier 2 is 215mm shorter and 20mm thinner than its predecessor, meaning it takes up less room and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The choice of material for the exterior is a matte finish plastic in white, thats neither too rough or too smooth to the touch. it look like household art. the designers designed every thing of the Mi Air Purifier 2 very carefully making the air flow more conductive and in the sametime it look seamless and Household art

4) App Control

Now a days Controlling devices like TV/Dish Remotely Via mobile is very common but contolling the air in your home using a mobile phone, it is somthing that sounds a bit iffy. However, through the "Mi Smart Home  APP" it is possible to do remote purification of air using Air purifier 2 even though when you are not at home. Also you can able to view the air is the process of purification on your mobile.

That is not only the feature of MI Home App. This  app will let you have full control of the Mi Air Purifier 2 like :

  • Mode change
  • Power On / Off
  • Buying a new filter
  • Smooth shifting gears
  • Smart learning

Apart from giving you an update on how well the air quality is in your room, the Mi Home App also gives handy reminder for telling you when the HEPA filter needs to be replaced.You can see the exact amount of the filter, and replace if necessary he will send text alerts.


For a smart air purifier products, Rs,9,999  what is the idea? In fact, there is a very simple amazing price compared Air purifier 2 working, handy controls, size and the products available in the market, The Mi Air purifier 2 is a product is worth buying On!

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2016-09-21 01:16 PM
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Happy To Help
Thanks for sharing!!!
2016-09-21 02:04 PM
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I hope this will bring about a change in air quality and it will definitely contribute to cleanliness drive across our country.
2016-09-21 02:14 PM
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Mi Community India
Looks great!
Thanks for the post.
2016-09-21 02:15 PM
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Highly recommended at this price segment
2016-09-21 02:28 PM
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When Curiosity Meets Knowledge, Innovation is Born!!
Photography Section Mod | Lead Photography Team and Club | Mi Pad Mod
Finally Mi Air Purifier in India! Thanks for the info :)
2016-09-21 03:05 PM
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thankss 4 the info
2016-09-21 03:16 PM
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Thank you for such a nice info
2016-09-21 03:34 PM
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Thanks for sharing..
2016-09-21 03:54 PM
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Master Bunny

Siddiqui | from mobile


Thanks for sharing!!!

App control is just good in Xiaomi air purifier.
2016-09-21 04:07 PM
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Little King | from app


thanks for sharing
2016-09-21 04:15 PM
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