[Announcement] How Do I Earn Points?

2016-06-13 12:21:33

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Hello Mi Fans! At Mi Community, it's your passion that makes our bunnies go round. That's why the more points you earn, the higher your status ranking will be. Don't worry, we've ensured that earning points is a simple and fun process.

How Do I Earn Points?

Here’s the magic formula: Points = Posts + Featured Posts*5 + Experience*2 + Online Time (hours) * 0.1

POST: A thread or reply you post gets you 1 point. Easy peasy right?

FEATURED POST: Sweet! Each featured post (thread) gets you 5 points.
Admins and moderators only feature posts that are helpful, interesting and fun for the rest of the community, so get writing yours now!

EXPERIENCE: Every Experience Point equals to 2 points on this forum.
Experience points can be given to you by other users. Feel free to give them to other members of the community as a form of encouragement.

ONLINE TIME: Each hour you spend logged in on Mi Community gets you an hour!

And we thought we might share a few tips to help you get started:

1) Log into Mi Community every day. You'll be able to get the latest updates from the Boss ;)

2) Post new threads. Feel free to share anything from stories to selfies. And tell your friends too!

3) Reply to other users' threads. Cheer your buddies on!

4) Upload your avatar. Look good, feel good.

5) Get featured by moderator. Only really good content will get to be featured and earn higher points.

Wanna know more ways to earn points? Log in now and have fun exploring!


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2016-06-13 12:21:33
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Thanks for the guide really helpful....
2016-06-14 13:41:59
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Keep Smiling hehehehe  :D:D
Thanks for the sharing
2016-06-14 13:44:45
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**I love Mi community India**
Awesome, Thanks for sharing
2016-06-14 14:03:28
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Amazing Grace :)
Thanks for The info.
2016-06-14 14:13:13
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Thanks for tips
2016-06-14 14:19:35
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Try New! Try Now!!
Thanks :)
2016-06-14 14:30:34
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Thanks for this information...
2016-06-14 14:41:27
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Advanced Bunny

Tayeeb Khan | from mobile


Awesome! Thanks
2016-06-14 15:16:25
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Thanks for the info
2016-06-14 15:19:13
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Pro Bunny

Tanishq Jain | from mobile


Thank you so much for letting us know.
2016-06-14 15:26:55
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