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2017-06-27 20:39:26

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[size=34.0228px]Hello MIUIers, I'm sharing my first theme, which is the combination of Mr. Khaerry Anwar's xiOS 10 theme and my creativity.[size=34.0228px]This theme is tested on Redmi 3s prime and redmi note 3.

New version 3.0 is now available but it's paid because it took too much time to create the new design and anyone can steal my design and they will not give me credits that's why. But the amount is not huge, contact me to buy the v3.0.[size=34.0228px]
[size=34.0228px]Message me on Facebook:
[size=34.0228px]My WhatsApp number: +919711359364

Changelog v3.0
- New white design status bar
- New colorful toggle icons like iOS 10/11
- Status icons are updated
[size=34.0228px]- Instagram themed in iOS style
- camera app themed in iOS style
- New search bar design in settings, sms, dialer, etc.
- transparent recent menu background
And much more!!

[size=34.0228px]New Status Bar design:

[size=34.0228px]Transparent recent menu:


[size=34.0228px]Camera App theme updated:

Instagram theme updated:

Changelog v2.1:
1) Status bar redesigned
2) settings app updated
3) live clock icon fixed
4) lock screen notification animation
5) dialer updated

[size=34.0228px]this theme features :-

YouTube video preview:

[size=34.0228px]V3.0 preview:[size=49.1224px]

[size=34.0228px]V1.0 preview

[size=34.0228px]1) iOS 10 style lockscreen:

022523ft8aaph8pv2ltapt.png.thumb.jpg 022248b6m2251mf9r2jm26.png.thumb.jpg

[size=34.0228px]2) iOS 10 style messaging app:


[size=34.0228px]3) iOS 10 style dialer:


[size=34.0228px]4) iOS 10 style boot animation:


[size=34.0228px]5) iOS 10 style settings
New search bar style (v2.1 updated on 30/5/17)


6) iOS 10 style status icons and app icons:


[size=34.0228px]1) New status panel (v2.1)

Screenshot_2017-04-09-20-44-15-742_net.**ga.ilauncher2.png 025210xrmmcpq2mj6z99ki.png.thumb.jpg

The new version is available now!!

Special Thanks to the designer of lockscreen and messaging app, Mr. Khaerry Anwar.

Download link:
[size=34.0228px]Reply to see download link
[size=34.0228px]Mtz file: v2.1
[size=34.0228px]Mtz file: v1.0

2017-06-27 20:39:26
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Rookie Bunny

Narayan Kabra | from mobile


Hello. Nice post.
2017-06-27 20:44:50
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appus | from Redmi Note 3


any screenshots?
2017-06-27 20:45:22
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Semi Pro Bunny

Naviprince09 | from Redmi 3S


Haha in mi paid themes
2017-06-27 20:47:23
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Rookie Bunny

Hrithik Bachchas Author | from Redmi 3S


any screenshots?

wait the post is updating
2017-06-27 20:48:22
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Advanced Bunny

Sukumar002 | from mobile


Ios theme is an add on..
2017-06-27 20:49:35
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Master Bunny

Prabhjot hundal | from MI MAX


very nice and great information
2017-06-27 21:03:32
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Rookie Bunny

m.abhinandan | from Redmi Note 3


nice update. thanks
2017-06-27 21:17:29
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Master Bunny

wasim4818 | from Redmi Note 3


thanks for sharing
2017-06-27 21:19:15
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Master Bunny

aayush yogesh Mhetar | from Redmi Note 4


Thank u      
2017-06-27 22:04:53
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Master Bunny

Umesh Kumar Gupta | from Redmi 3S


Nice post.   
2017-06-27 22:45:54
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