Dear Mi users and fans,

I would like to share with you my experience with the well known problem "Battery detected, not charging".

This problem started to appear slowly, for example the notebook would reboot spontaneously and after a while it started to switch off if unplugged.
Then one day I noticed that it was plugged but not charging, I tried to plug it off and on again, the notebook restarted.
It was just after the warranty (bought onAliExpress) and I started to surf the internet looking for a solution.

At first I thought that it would be somedriver issue, I tried to reinstall everything, and at the end I installed Linux and I saw that also there I had the same issue. It wasn´t a software problem.

I have to say that besides this I totally love that notebook, it is amazingly fast and besides this everything is working perfectly, so I really wanted to fix the issue!

Tome it wasn´t still clear where the problem was, if the battery died or something else.
I found this amazing software that helped me alot to understand what was going on:

This showed me thatthe battery had a "health" of approx 90%, so by trusting this software I understood that the battery is why isn´t it charging?

I am an electrical engineer, I like to repair electric and electronic devices, I am confident while doing it, the story goes pretty hardcore from now on...

I decided to go all in and I opened the notebook, and long story short, the battery connector is very flimsy.
Maybe the plastic got "cooked" by the heat, but it is not staying perfectly in position and when pushed into it, I could see from that battery software that the charging started!
So how should I keep it in the right position?

I definitely did the wrong thing, I superglued it in position - this worked like a charm for few weeks and then I got the same problem again.
Maybe the heat loosen a bit the glue, I don´t really know.

Since I already was this far, I decided to unglue it and buy a new battery (crazy to order an entire newbattery only because of the connector, especially if the new battery comes with the same connector that probably will give you again problems).

I used acetone to dissolve the glue, which works perfectly but I forgot that it also dissolves polymers (f.e. plastic).
So when pulling the connector out, this broke intopieces and it left me with only those cables going out from the battery... I was a bit disappointed, but I am not the kind of person that gives up!

I cleaned all the cables from the plastic and the tiny cables have a smallconnector at the end, like a claw or so, in order to grab on the pins comingout from the motherboard. These were also a bit loose, and very carefully and gently I was making them tighter, so that they would have grip on those pins.

After doing this for all the cables, they are now aligned and all connected tothe pins...
This is the moment of the truth!

I switched on the laptop, opened the battery software and it was charging!

I let the battery to charge fully and at 100%, after a deep breath, I unplugged the charged and the notebook was still on!

To make sure that the cables stay in position, I put some plastic pushing on these perfectly aligned with the one on the notebook cover that I removed.
You can find that there is in the middle a rectangular black foam, that is supposed to push and protect the previous connector.

Also, I don´t really suggest you to do the same, maybe you can just check like I did, if the connector is the problem. Without supergluing it (bad bad idea), maybe you can manage to put it back in proper position.

Hope that this helps someone here on the forum who faced the same problem!

Dear Xiaomi, if you are reading, please for the future generations choose a better connector, it is such a pity that 1€ of savings can totally compromise such a good machine!

Cheers, Antonio