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Another month has began, as anticipated, Xiaomi has released another product that's been patiently waited by Mi Fans here in the Philippines  the Mi Band 4.

**NOW what sets this aside from the usual Mi Band 4 (Aside from that this is much Pricey than the Global version) is its packaging, the free straps and the name plate. Also, the watch face of this model has the Avengers logo on it. OTHER THAN THAT, all specifications are the same with the globally released Mi Band 4**

I am a fan of Mi band watches, even though I hadn’t got a chance to own the very first Mi Band. The news about Mi Band 4 (being released) caught my attention. Since 2017, when I become a Xiaomi fan, I had my Mi Band 2 for more than a year, then the Mi Band 3 early this year and now a Mi band 4. I have given my beloved Mi Band 3 to my hubby.
Do you love watching movies? I do! And as the years goes by, and after a hundreds of movies I had watched, I became a fan of MCU movies. This (particular) Mi Band 4 is my gift to myself, it is something I thought of that I wouldn’t want to miss just because it is special (to me! Lol!), The Mi Band 4 Avengers Edition.

A Very nice box that shows the logo of Avengers
When I learned that Xiaomi will released this special edition of Mi Band, I immediately outsource and find someone online to buy for me, thank you sir! As I've said earlier the packaging, free straps, and the pre installed watch face if Avengers logo is what separates this model to a globally released Mi Band 4.  

When you remove the top box cover this is what you'll see (Chinese characters, that I haven't research yet what it means) will update soon once I get to know.

The upper cover which shows the original Six Avengers, then upon removing it will show the metal name plate of Avengers and Mi logo at the back.
Great remembrance from a fan!

Thank you Xiaomi for this edition of the Mi Band 4!! I really appreciate and loved this one!

No need to buy extra straps, I've got all that I need on this one.

A closer look at the straps, it has the Ironman, Captain America and the Avengers logo!

Upon removing the case that holds the straps, you will find the charger and manual (which is in Chinese). If you happen to own the previous Mi Bands, I can assure you this one is also easy to navigate or use.

Upon turning on this what appears (in Chinese) but upon synching on the Mi Fit App. Eventually, the menu will be in English.

The default watch face (Avengers logo) of this Mi Band 4.

I have been using this for more than a month now and I am as happy and contented on its performance thus far. I see to it as much as possible to reach the daily 8,000 steps that I need. This was the suggested steps based on my data (like age, weight among others) that the Mi Fit App computes for you.
My son requires 10,000 steps per day base on his profile. I always try my best to not be idle (for an hour) sitting. My work requires me to sit most of the time and that alarm on being idle is a great feature that I love about this mi band series. Apparently, I realized that this shows we are born to move!
But sometimes going home from work which is always (if not) more than an hour of travel time I get to be notified of being idle. Traffic is indeed part of our everyday life here in Manila.

Mi Bands side by side (Mi Band 4 at the left and Mi Band 3 at right)

Both Mi Bands 3 & 4, night time.

The color screen of the Mi Band 4 has a more vibrant display as compared to Mi Band 3. But both are readable during night time.
To fully maximize your Mi Band’s capabilities you need to download the Mi Fit App (Available on Google Playstore) and synch your Mi Band to the App.

Mi Band 4 Specifications:
Weight:                                            22.1gms
Water Resistance Rating:                5ATM
Display Type:                                  AMOLED
Screen Size:                                    0.95”
Resolution:                                      120 x 240 RGB
Touchscreen Type:                         On-cell capacitive touchscreen
Screen Protection:                          2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating
Button:                                            Single touch button (wake up, go back)
Sensor:                                            3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope;
                                                                                                                                                    PPG heart rate sensor capacitive proximity sensor
Wireless Connectivity:                     Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Battery:                                             Li Po, 135mAh
Charging type:                                  2 pin Pogo Pin
Charging time:                                  Approximately 2 hours
Standby time:                                   Up to 20 days
Body material:                                  Polycarbonate
Wrist strap type:                               Removable wrist strap (Mi Band 4 is compatible with Mi Band 3 straps)
App:                                                  Mi Fit
System Requirements:                    Andorid 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above

Features:   Aside from the usual, count of steps, distance and calories burned it also has 6 workout modes that includes:
a.  Treadmill
b.  Exercise
c.  Outdoor running
d.  Cycling
e.  Walking
f.   Pool swimming (it can monitor Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke when you’re in the pool)

Mi Band 4 also has monitoring on sleep, heart rate monitoring which includes resting heart, all-day heart rate and idle alerts. Other features of Mi Band 4 are: alarm, proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm and notifications, incoming calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications, night mode, DND (Do Not Disturb mode) which works even without the phone, music controls on band, battery level display, OTA (Over The Air) updates.
If the Mi Band is connected (via Bluetooth) to your phone and as long as you're in range, you can receive notifications (on your specified App), incoming calls and messages. And if time happens you forgot where you have placed your phone, again once the Bluetooth is open (along with your phone), you can choose the "Find Device" mode so that

your phone will make a sounding alarm for you to easily find it.

Steps, distance and Calories count
Mi Band 4 is somewhat similar to Mi Band 3 in design, they have the same strap design so if ever you owned a Mi Band 3 before, you can use it for your upgrade on Mi Band 4. Now, the difference of the latest Mi Band is its charging contact pins. The predecessors (Mi Band 2 & 3) comes with charging pins at the bottom part of the Band, while the Mi Band 4 has it on the back side. The design of the charger of Mi Band 4 is capsule like.

I tried the "Walking" workout

I've reached the daily target of mine which is 8,000 steps (apologies for being blurry as I was moving while taking a photo)

Coming from Mi Band 3, I also like the enhancement on the display and resolution of the Mi Band 4. The AMOLED display  that comes with 120x240 RGB resolution. Also with 2.5D curved display. Color screen and that 6-axis accelerometer that allows it for more improved tracking of activities and fitness goals. Mi Band 4 also has the NFC support that includes support for Alipay (a digital wallet).

A screenshot of my sleep record

My record for the day, which includes combination of workouts (walking) and the usual walking around the office.

This can be viewed using the Mi Fit App. Remember to sync your Mi Band to the App for your record to be updated.

When you have a workout, this will appear, data of your activity. Remember that you cannot sync your Mi Band once an activity is on-going.
After your activity you can sync it to update your record.

Exploring the Mi Fit App can give you data like this, your average steps for a week or a month.

Now in relation to battery, the 135mAh of the Mi Band 4 has a fairly increase from Mi Band 3 which has 110mAh. But both are advertise that it will last for 20 days.
Personally, the Mi Band 4 has been given an upgrade in display, a bit larger and (being the first Mi Band with color screen) with a larger battery capacity, coming from more than a year of use on Mi Band 2, and 5 months used of Mi Band 3. One thing also that I like on Mi Band 4 is that you can start a workout on the band itself, though it still needs your phone for the GPS functionality. I hope on the next Mi Band this function will be included on the watch itself.

My favorite workout mode is the Walking mode. I spent 25 to 40 minutes a day walking especially during breaktime. This keeps me more active and alert .

I do recommend this Mi Band 4, a simple watch with functions that suites me and this has been my daily driver ever since. It keeps me on the move and alert.

The global version of this Mi Band 4 now is available at All Authorized Mi Stores and Mi Kiosks at a price of P1,695.00

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