Hey Mi Fans,
Amazon’s Kindle may not be the first e-book reader that was released but the device is presently the most popular and perhaps highest-selling e-Book reader around. It looks like Xiaomi could also be planning to release a Kindle-like reader as early as next week, at least according to a new product review. However, there is uncertainty if the product will be a Xiaomi-branded one or from one of its ecological chain companies. Since there is no official pre-launch promotion, the likely possibility, though, is that it will be a third-party product that would be launched by Xiaomi under the MIJIA/Youpin crowdfunding platform.

From the leaked picture of the e-Book reader, it uses e-ink screen which is standard for all e-books and has a red power button at the top right corner. The screen looks like an 8-incher with a wide border around it for easy grip. As usual, e-book readers are basically to read e-books so we don’t expect the gadget to have any eye-popping features. The hardware is also expected to be entry-level. To recap, Amazon’s Kindle has no more than 2GB RAM on its highest version and all run on MediaTek SoCs. We also expect features such as WiFi and a cheap price tag on the upcoming Xiaomi e-reader.
It is worth mentioning that Xiao Mu, the general manager of Xiaomi’s intelligent hardware department, and Li Chuangqi, the senior product director of Xiaomi, both confirmed back in November last year that one of Xiaomi’s eco-chain companies was preparing a Kindle-like e-book reader. The product design was said to have been at 75% completion back then. It has been half a year since and if it progresses smoothly, the project may have finally taken shape.