Hello,I am a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum owner and I have opened this thread in order to vote for an addition of the "No-go-Zone" feature to our vacuum.
As it is known, the Xiaomi Roborock S50 2nd Gen vacuum cleaner, after the latest firmware update, has this feature. As we can easily understand the "No-go-Zone" feature it has to do only with a software implementation.
For anyone who does not know what does the "No-go-Zone" feature:
The user instead of choosing individual zones for cleaning (Xiaomi Mi Robot already has this feature "Zoned cleanup") can choose zone or zones which will be excluded from the cleaning process. This is very useful at many cases such as you have a permanent area with a dense carpet or another obstacle which create problems at the vacuum operation.
Please if you wish the "No-go-Zone" feature to your Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum, vote "Yes, sure I want a "No-go-Zone" feature at Xiaomi Mi Robot!" at the below poll.
I believe that as many Xiaomi Mi Robot customers request this feature, we increase our chances of Xiaomi listening to us and releasing an upcoming firmware update with this feature.
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