I am writing this because I am mad about how XiaoMi is treating its faithful users. I am writing this in regards with the latest devolopment with anti roll back protection, out of region soft bricking, 360/720 hours unlocking wait time and so on. This is wrong, plain and simple. Just don't do it!
Here is why:
- it won't stop resellers sell out of region devices, unlocking them or installing rogue ROMs on them. Seriously, it won't. They will have their way nevertheless. The proof: will can buy right now China bound devices from chinese resellers, with unlocked bootloaders and global roms on them. If you count just the main stores (gearbest.com, geekbuying.com, banggood.com etc) there are tens of thounsend of them. I bought my Mi 8 just like that.
- it will hurt innocent users in the first place. As I said, I bought my device unlocked with a global ROM on. I wanted a clean ROm on my device, so I flashed it with Chinese stable ROM and re-locked bootloader, thinking I will unlocked it again. I was authorized to do that since my previous phones, so I didn't worry much. But then, bang! 360 hours waithing time. I haven't unlocked a phone for at least a year now, so I clearly am not into "resellers" territory. Despite that, I could not unlock my device.
- It will make a lot of users unhappy just because of that. Loyal MIUI fans are swearing now their phone will be the last with a MI logo. Just read the forum. Thounsend of them, you lost them. For what?
- A lot of money are changing hands right now because of that. People are selling their "EDL authorization" to un-brick other people devices. Just read the forums, they are filled with offers to unbrick phones. This is what you really wanted? I guess not.
So, please, just consider what you have done to your paying customers, loyal Mi fans, most likely (like myself, I am sure) future clients of OnePlus, Samsung and whatnot. Was it worthy?
So, please, XiaoMi, just don't do it anymore! Just don't! You've done already a great deal of damage to your reputation.


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