I am regretting after updating to 9.6.3 stable ROM from 9.5.17 stable ROM of Redmi Note 5 pro. The portrait feature for edge detection was very clean and precise in 9.5.17 but in 9.6.3 it's very irritating edge detection is useless. And in addition to that the photo taken in portrait mode in 9.6.3 is somewhat more smooth than required.

I always prefer Stable ROM and I download it from the offical site only i.e, en.miui.com. If Stable behaves like Beta ROM then what's the use of the title Stable ?

And now because of the so called Anti Rollback policy or feature, I am unable to downgrade to 9.5.17.

It does proves that Anti Rollback policy has helped us always !

Thank you Xiaomi for the frustration that you gave us.