Through the years of tablet ownership starting out with my Nexus 7 back in 2015, the families Samsung Galaxy S tablet 2016 and more recently an Xperia Tablet 2 to current year, You can see I've owned and used a few enough to make a small observation on the issue with the cameras on not just those three devices, but every tablet manufactured today.

I've owned a plethora of Xiaomi devices and wanted to expand that repertoire by delving back into Xiaomis finest and more popular devices as is the Mi Pad, but it's annoying me to indescribable ends on how the rear facing Camera has a better quality image than the main and more frequently used front facing Camera! Never have I used any tablet for video or pictures beyond the front facing camera for a selfie or video calls, and others of whom I've asked have said their use of the rear cameras have only been for quick reference pictures never intended to kept beyond sending a quick visual demonstration of something. (Things that didn't really need a high resolution sensor for.)

On the opposite side and in a literal sense, The potato quality of a front facing Camera as a second thought on a tablet is just wrong. When I'm calling friends, family, work, I at least want a decent visual representation of me and not a lower resolution shot with lesser frame rates in regards to the video quality.

To the point, is it just me that's finding these designs a little backwards in that the camera placements that the more powerful one should be on the front, not the back? Should Xiaomi focus on a single camera Mi Pad that's just a single high resolution selfie camer? Who would buy a tablet without a rear facing shooter?

I would ask of Xiaomi to conciser a selfie/video focused tablet without need of a rear camera as (to me) it's wasted space and cost as It's never ever used.