It is request to xiaomi please fix the picture quality on xiaomi y2 back camera and fix the portrait mode. please introduce the live focus on xiaomi devices but not erase portrait mode. please make camera to the next level so and show me user use the live live focus mode on any device but not to erase The Portrait mode from camera Live ok send portrait mode are the best but the live focus is better than portrait mode because anyone want who made the perfect picture on our phones please introduce live focus mode on xiaomi devices so anyone can enjoy enjoy the beauty of blur thanking to all if anyone want to be live focus in how many devices please comment below and like the post because live focus is better than portrait mode please include live focus on MI UI 10 so those who no like portrait mode
can enjoy life focus on xiaomi devices thanking to show me please read my letter and fix the Portrait mode on redmi Y2 and its picture quality because it picture quality is very low so change it through update