So I switched over my home wifi from 2.4 ghz to 5 ghz  and it started causing issues for me on my phone Mi A2 .. earlier on 2.4 ghz it was also slow  the speeds would drop almost to half I thought improved signal strength from 5 ghz would help , but oh boy I was so wrong .

the signal strength  consistently show poor and fair and sometimes drop all together .It's frustrating .

my wife has a redmi note 5 pro . and comparing the speeds side by side . redmi note 5 pro shows excellent signal strength ----while MiA2 shows poor or can't even find the SSID .
and on 2.4 ghz  was the same when compared with redmi note 5 pro . ----------while my speeds were almost halved  on 2.4 ghz redmi note 5 pro merely showed 4-5 mbps drop    and I run a 80 mbps connection .

I tried everything .. but the wifi coverage on Mi A2 is BAD ... very very bad .. It seems like there is infact poor hardware quality being sold .. and the devil is in the details.  I wouldn't have noticed unless I switched over to 5 ghz . and I am running on the latest OTA update by XIAOMI .

update : FEB 5 ,2019  security patch level
OS : android 9

XIAOMI please fix this ASAP ... I seriously feel like smashing my phone to the ground right now .