[size=17.33333396911621px]I bought a Air purifier 2S for 150eur. After 1 month, the sensor stopped working but I didn’t care about it because I said to myself that I will just pair it with the mobile application, set a custom program that will fit to my expectations and won’t use automatic mode anmore.[size=17.33333396911621px]

[size=17.33333396911621px]However the biggest problem is: I can ensure you that there is no way to connect the Air Purifier with either IOS/Android device. With a workaround I was able to add/pair it to my iphone (by register an account to chinese server and add device on Mainland china region - thanks to some folks on the forum for this tip). However I can see the de ice in the app but not able to open its setting due to an error message: Failed to initialize device (7). On the official forum you will see that many users are also reported this issue that after IOS 12 update, no one can open it but there is no response by xiaomi, so its unusuable... Tried it on Android as well but you simply can’t pair it, mobile device cannot recognize the air purifier, it is also strange that the pairing process is totally different on Android compared to IOS.[size=17.33333396911621px]I will bring this poorly designed device back to the seller and I will never buy anything from Xiaomi, that is for sure.
[size=17.33333396911621px]Also, I will post my experience on every huge site so everyone can see what is Xiaomi quality.