I have the following issues on my Xiaomi A2 running Android Pie. My A1 running Android Pie doesn't have the same issues.

1. On Xiaomi A2, when used with "Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones Type C", the earphones produces loud static noice when you switch the noise cancellation on and off. This is reproducible 100% of the time on the A2. This issue is not present in the A1.

2. Android Auto doesn't work when using USB C cable to connect to the vehicle. When you connect the cable, nothing happens. Tried to toggle the USB preferences and it still doesn't work. My A1 connects fine using the same cable to the same vehicle.

3. Mi Community vresion 3.7.0 doesn't work on my A2. There's no threads visible and the region settings cannot be changed from the default of "United States"