Dear all Mi Fans!

I believe every one was very excited about the launched of new flagship Mi 5 yesterday! It will be officially for sale on 1-Mar-2016 in China, via Mi Home &! Here's a recapp of the specifications;

  • Snapdragon 820, up to *4GB RAM + 128GB UFS 2.0 (*For Mi 5 PRO ONLY)
  • 600Mbps 4G+ download speeds, VoLTE
  • 3D *ceramic/glass body, weighs 129g (*Ceramic body for Mi 5 PRO ONLY)
  • 5.15” 16 LED light display, 3D ceramic/glass body
  • Front fingerprint sensor
  • 16MP 4-axis OIS + 2µm-pixel 4MP camera
  • 3000mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Full feature NFC
  • MIUI based on Android M
  • Available in Gold, White, Black (*Mi 5 PRO only in BLACK)

The new flagship Mi 5  is R&D for at least 18months, which include more than 10 technologies breakthroughs and 21 patents awarded for display technology. All these technologies breakthroughs are sufficient to make you decide to get it NOW!

#1. 4-AXIS OIS

The new Mi 5 camera is a technology breakthroughs which features a 16MP camera, with 4-axis OIS (Optical Imaging Stablisier), with PDAF (Phase Detection Auto-focus, commonly found in DSLR cameras) and DTI technologies.

The all new 4-axis OIS enable you capture super stable images & videos, comparing to competitor using 2-axis OIS only!
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*Wish know to know more about the Sony IMX 298 imaging sensor? Check it out all here


This is made possible by the Sony IMX298, 16MP high defintion senor, with DTI (Deep Trench technology) to give u a better pixel-to-pixel isolation.


The all new Snapdragon 820 CPU & GPU is 100% & 40% respectively faster than the Snapdragon 810! It also achieved an oustanding Antutu V6 score of 142K+!

*For a detailed comparison of the SD820 SoC, please read this thread


This is all new next-generation UFS2.0 high-speed Flash, and 87% faster than conventional eMMC 5.1 technology. This is an amazing full-duplex high speed READ/WRITE speed, to give you a better user experience.

(*For Mi 5 Pro model only)
The 3D ceramic body is highly durable and wear resistant, which can restand up to 8H-on the Moh hardness scale! It is state of the art 'crystaline nano-creamice zironia', requiring a 16-step precision in the manfacturing process!
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#6. 600MBPS 4G+

This is a lightning fast 4G+ (CAT 12 LTE) enabling up to a maximum download speed of 600Mbps. (Over your typical home broadband speed up to 100Mbps!)


It feature a 3x network carrier aggregation (CA) with Higher order modulation network technologies, which give you a higher overall transmission efficiency. e.g. it take your 30 seconds to download a FULL HD 1080p movie!
*Check out in details the list of 4G LTE bands supported here.

#8. 16 LED Light display

This state of the art display technology is awared 21 patents, including invention, utility patents and US patents! It is ultra-bright, and yet power efficient, up to 17% more power efficient and last up to 600 nits!


9. Quickcharge 3.0This is the all new Quickcharge 3.0 in new Snapdragon 820 SoC. It charge up 20% faster and able to obtain 80%~90% in 1 hour time!
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#10. Full-featured NFC

The is state of the art FULL NFC functionality, which enables you READ/WRITE , card emulations and P2P!.(Currently, conventional NFC only have READ-ONLY functionality!)

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