Dear fellow Mi fans.

Just a re-cap, I'm select as 1 of the lucky 10 Mi SG Explorer, for the Redmi Note 3, and I'd chosen the 'Mad Scientist' path myself, as I thought it is something new for me. (So dont expect the usual fanciful unboxing photos & reviews , or tips and tutorials thread from me.)

After completing the Challenge 1: Key Scratch test, here, I moved on to Challenge 2: Chopping Board Test. Well, in case your mum or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend , cannot find the choppoing board in the house or maybe in a chalet. Knowingly your Redmi Note 3 has a full metal body, they like to loan it from you to cut fruits or raw food on it.

Well, you might hesitate, and reject... Why not look at the following test I had conducted, before you say NO, to them?


As the doctor says, An apple a day, keep the Doctor away.....Does it keep the Redmi Note 3 away too??

So, here we have the main lead, Redmi Note 3 (bottom center), an apple and a kiwi fruit.


***WARNING: The following video clip is Rated: RESTRICT 21. It may caused some disturbance, and viewing discreet is recommended. It is advisable for kids to be accompained by and view under Parental Guidance. I do not hold any responsible for any illness, sickness &/or trauma caused.***

*NOTE: I'm very new to videography, and it is not my forte. I'm still learning in this aspect, so please kindly pardon for any  'uin-perfectness' in the following video recording & editing.


Well, I hope are you still feeling fine after watching the above video clip. ;) I shall leave the final decision to you if you are willing to learn it as a 'chopping board'. But 1 thing for sure, if someone is after your live with a chopping knife, it could be your last life saver!