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[News] Millet Music & Warner Officially Signed a Copyright Co-operation Agreement!

2017-03-14 19:04:04

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Mi Community Family.

Millet Music & Warner Music Group Jointly Announced The Signing of Music Copyright Co-operation Agreement.
This is Warner Music as one of the world's three major record giants, and China's mobile phone manufacturers directly to establish copyright cooperation, embrace the new digital music industry model.

The start of the collaboration, users can listen to includeJolin Tsai, Jeremy Lin, Jung Hsueh-tung, Ng Koo-huh, Huang Xiao-hu, Guan Zhe and Li Ronghao, as well as international brands such as linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Jason Mraz and Michael Bublé musical work. At this point,Millet Music already has, including Warner, Universal, Sony Three Major International Record Companies.

In May last year's MIUI 8 conference, Lei Jun will announce MIUI live more than 10 million App to 21, millet music is one of them.

Also from TalkingData "Mobile Music Application Industry Report" data show that millet music in mobile music user coverage Ranked Third. These are enough to see Millet Music has become an important part of the field. The future, Millet Music will continue to provide users with more scenes of music services to meet the individual needs of users.

The industry said that the Millet Music and the 21st century, one of the world's three major record companies Warner signed a copyright agreement, not only to provide users with massive quality music resources, will also be Warner's many artists to provide a new distribution channels.

Now MIUI global networking activation of the user has exceeded 200 million, which is millet MIUI an honor, it is a responsibility. Deep plowing users, to provide users with more quality and reliable content will become an important direction for MIUI efforts.

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2017-03-14 19:04:04
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Shreyasrocks97 | from mobile


Thanks for sharing bro
2017-03-14 19:21:57
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Shekhar bunty | from Redmi Note 4


Thanks for sharing
2017-03-14 19:37:33
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Device team

ASK help | from mobile


Thanks for sharing
2017-03-14 19:56:33
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Shekhar bunty | from Redmi Note 4


Happy holi
2017-03-14 20:19:52
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Shekhar bunty | from Redmi Note 4


Thanks for sharing
2017-03-14 20:20:37
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પ્રણવ | from Redmi Note 3


2017-03-14 21:21:25
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Kotesh89852 | from Redmi 3S


2017-03-14 21:23:41
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Sksinghctl | from app


thanks for sharing this information
2017-03-14 21:34:46
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Gautam singh333 | from Redmi 3S


2017-03-14 23:42:50
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1551933260 | from Redmi 3S


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2017-03-14 23:58:12
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