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[Recap - Compilation] Mi Fan Clubs Spreading Love All Over India - February 2017

2017-02-28 05:34 PM

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Hello Mi Fans,

We kickstarted the year 2017 with Redmi Note 4 Experential Fan Meets all over India in January. All the Fan Clubs set a record of highest number of attendees in each & every city where it was conducted. undefined

Now, for the month of February, Mi FC's came forward with the theme "Spread the Love" to visit the local orphanages. They provided the neccessary resources like clothes, books, pens, chocolates etc to the kids & also spend some time to play with them. undefined

Below are the different cities where Mi FCs spread the love :
Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Vizag, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kerala, Bhubaneswar,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vadodara.

Here are few memories of the meets in each city :


As the theme of our Fan Meet was Mi FC's Sharing Love, we decided to spend time with poor kids and those who are orphans. We choosed  St Antony's Orphange  and St Francis Orphange.


We started with a round of introduction where all the kids told their names and age. After this we had a round of activities planned for them... First was dance in which they participated eagerly...


We were around 15-18people and I was happy to see everyone as enthusiastic as  what  Iwas.
I thought establishing stalls  would be a good idea and hence I stood up atthe stall for two days and the response was a bit bleak. Later with the effortsof our FC members I was amazed.



For this month meet it was decided that MIFC Ahmedabad will be spending time with Blind childerns at the orphnage. After Many Diffrent places we finalised Andhajan mandal.


So We, as a part of mission we have selected an orphanage in hyderabad i.e Vivekananda-Seva-Sangham, where our FC members shared their love by donating different items and things which were very useful for the mission in getting successful completed.


After a small introduction with all of the children present, we handed out chocolates to every single one of them after which there was a distribution of all the old clothes and other stationery donated by the FC members. We handed out Copy and note books to every kids, along with pens, pencils and eraser.


As February is the month of Love we decided to do something different, Something Noble for this month'sMi Fan Club Meet by spreading our love to the boys of BOSCO MANE CHILDREN'S HOME.


We all gathered around the Asha Kiran Orphanage at around 4. It is a small orphanage housing 20 little girls.
The children were very much happy to see us and we were also very happy to have got the opportunity to give them a little moment of joy.


We finalized the place Good Samaritan Mission in Vikhroli to visit and had thedetails gathered about the kids there and their needs & tried our best to bring smile to the kids faces and hopefully we were successful.


We decided to help the needy children who need help and collect the maximum possible things. For this we searched  for an orphanage or helping home and zeroed in on "Children of nature and Dropouts project"It was a splendid meet and quite great feeling of helping some one.


It's time for a revisit to the wonderful date we had with a few kids at an orphanage located in Connaught Place called Bal Sahyog.


Vadodara Mi Fans hosted a fans meet on 19th Feb with Vadodara's leading Youth NGO Change Vadodara Campaign. The location was easily accessible and we all gathered till 8.30 AM. So as the theme of our Fan Meet was Education For Deprived, we decided to spend time with slum kids who are not able to go to school due to their financial conditions.

And finally in the month of valentine - February, Mi FCs brought lots of smiles in the faces of the precious kids all over India by spreading their love!



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2017-02-28 05:34 PM
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Woah !!! Awesome Compilation
2017-02-28 05:45 PM
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MIUI Feedback Moderator  & President of Mi Fan Club Ahmedabad.
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Chetan Rana | from Redmi 3S


gud work   nyc....
2017-02-28 05:46 PM
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Mi FC President

Anthrax | from Redmi Note 4


Cheers to all
2017-02-28 05:46 PM
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President of Mi Fan Club Mumbai.

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Wonderful time spent at the Orphanage!

It was a very special feeling spending time with the kids there and bringing smile to their faces. :)
2017-02-28 05:48 PM
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MiFC Bangalore

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Mi FC President

HiteshJ | from Redmi Note 4


Awesome work guys.. :) blessed to have been associated with the clubs..
2017-02-28 05:57 PM
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Mi Fan Club Delhi
Don't worry be Happy :)

Newbie Reporter

Venk | from Redmi Note 3


That was an unforgettable experience with those kids.. And thanks for ur great initiative Bro... Kudos to all Fan Clubs for having such a wonderful event and making it a grand success..
2017-02-28 06:01 PM
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Mi FC President

Prouser90 | from Next Redmi Device


it was an awesome experience to spend time with these kids.. :)
2017-02-28 06:01 PM
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Mi FC Kolkata

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aarav87 | from Redmi Note 4


good work....
2017-02-28 06:03 PM
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Abhi Info Tech | from Redmi Note 4


2017-02-28 06:14 PM
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RAJUKAMMELLA | from mobile


Wow, great work by every Mi fan club
2017-02-28 06:17 PM
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