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[Recap] Visit to Good Samaritan Mission Orphanage - Mi FC Mumbai Spreading Love

2017-02-28 11:40:54

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Hello Mi Fans,

As you all know we had a noble theme this month for making a small differenceand everyone was very excited to be a part of it in any way they can. We tried our best to bring smile to the kids faces and hopefully we were successful.

1. Travelling to the venue on D Day

We finalized the place Good Samaritan Mission in Vikhroli to visit and had thedetails gathered about the kids there and their needs. We conveyed the detailsto all the members of our Fan Club on Telegram of what were the requirements ofthe Orphanage and how can we help them.

2. The venue with all the attendees

We tried to get volunteers for collection of the donations from those who werenot able to come with us to the orphanage. These volunteers were present in allover Mumbai to collect from those who wanted to give.

3. Donated things not only by Mi Fans but from people those who wanted to make small difference.

As the day came we planned to take cake, wafers, chocolate, cold drink anddhokla for the kids there. We reached there at 3:00 pm and all the kids startedto gather in the hall which they study and play.

4. Interaction with the kids.

As soon as all kids came we started interacting with them as to which schoolthey are in, what are they studying, what are their ambitions. Also there werekids who were college students. All of them were very easy to interact with. Weplayed with them small games.

IMG_20170226_151731.jpg IMG_20170226_153612.jpg IMG_20170226_160809_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_160956.jpg
5. Playing with the kids.

Many of them were curious to know more about the Mi Band and Yi Cam which wehad with us. So we tried explaining them how it works and what are its uses.They were very happy to learn something new.

Soon it was already time for us to wrap up and we didn’t realize that we hadspent so much time. After that we went on to cut the cake and serve them some snacksas planned. We called in the youngest of the kids for cutting the cake and thensome of us were organizing the kids to sit and some were preparing the snacksfor them. We had chocolate cake, wafers, dhokla and cold drinks for them.Everyone was enjoying the snacks and soon after all the kids were back to theirrooms as per their schedule.
1.jpg IMG_20170226_154059.jpg IMG_20170226_154330.jpg IMG_20170226_154824_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_154856_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_154910_HDR.jpg IMG_20170226_154901_HDR.jpg
6. All having snacks after much fun.

Below is the video by one of our MI Fan about our journey of the meet.

You can join/follow us on below links and be updated with latest news about Mi FC MUmbai.

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Signing Off until next time. Lets make a small diffrence with whatever we can, whenever we can.


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2017-02-28 11:40:54
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President of Mi Fan Club Mumbai.
Need Help PM me.

Master Bunny

Rashid kamaal | from Redmi Note 4


Nice information......
2017-02-28 11:45:42
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MIUI beta tester

13havin | from app


lovely meet        
2017-02-28 11:51:49
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Grand Master Bunny

1551933260 | from Redmi 3S


Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
2017-02-28 11:54:55
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MIUI beta tester

DipakOj | from mobile


Wow nice presentation sir
2017-02-28 11:58:04
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Intern Moderator

RAJUKAMMELLA | from mobile


Good job, mumbai Mi fans.
2017-02-28 12:03:51
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Semi Pro Bunny

Krixz6325 | from Redmi Note 3


amazing day
enjoyed alot✌
2017-02-28 12:09:45
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Master Bunny

Sameer Bhimte | from Redmi 3S


great work...
2017-02-28 12:10:54
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great job ever
2017-02-28 12:41:12
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great job ever
2017-02-28 12:41:35
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guys you all are doing a fantastic job bringing smiles on the faces of kids
2017-02-28 12:51:24
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