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[Recap] MIFC Delhi spreading love & smile in the month of love at Bal Sahyog CP

2017-02-27 01:11

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Edited by Jagmeet at 2017-02-28 12:21 AM

Hello Mi Fans..

Hope you are all doing well.


As this is the month of spreading love, joy and happiness, so for this month meet it was decided that MIFC Delhi club will be spending time with childerns at the orphnage. So after going through multiple options finally it was decided that we all will be meeting at Bal Sahyog which is the middle of city i.e. Connaught Place on 26th February, 2017 at 4Pm.


We reached there around 4 pm and some members were already there are some were on there way, so we waited for sometime for more members to reach the place as it was Sunday and CP being the center attraction of Delhi, so traffic jam and rush was obvious.

outside2.jpg outside1.jpg outside3.jpg

Once we all went inside we gathered at there canteen area and started of by asking there names and having a small conversation with them as they we also eager to talk to us. So after asking names from everyone over there we called up few lovely kids to perform anything they all feel comfortable in. And we also gave them some goodies as well which bought smiles at there faces and thats what was the reason we are were there for. Here are some of the fun filled moments that we spend with them.

random.jpg kids smiling.jpg club members.jpg hrithik.jpg kids singing.jpg Abhijeet.jpg
kids enjoying.jpg
Abhijeet and Hitesh bhai having a fun moment

Both Presidents having a good time
prez having fun.jpg cute.jpg masti with prez.jpg

We also had a solo performance from a boy and he sang very well and was like a star performer of the day, so we gave him a special gift as well which Keshav bhai was carrying. I hope that he will like it.

Star performer of the day

Star performer of the day
singer gift.jpg

After that we gave them some refreshments that we carried along with us and also gave them some stationery that they can use while studying.

cold drink time.jpg food & stationery.jpg

Rohit & Gaurav distributing refreshment

Rohit & Gaurav distributing refreshment

Once done with food and performances we all moved outside to the play ground where kids starting playing and then we also joined them and played cricket with them.

And then we clicked one final picture with them before saying them good bye for the day.

final pic1.jpg

It felt wonderful after spending the time with them and I am sure that everyone who made it today to the meet also had an amazing time and will feel like coming back there again.

In the end I would like to thank everyone who attended the meet today and made it very successful one and one which will not be forgotten very easily.

Good bye all for now & keep rocking everyone.

Jagmeet Singh

Picture credits Hitesh bhai, Keshav bhai and Gaurav

final pic.jpg


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2017-02-27 01:11
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Master Bunny

Radmax | from Redmi Note 3


Edited by Radmax at 2017-02-27 01:35 AM

Very well compiled and it was wonderful to be with all the children and you guys... It feels good to be part of something that brought joy to the children.
2017-02-27 01:34
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Radmax replied at 2017-02-27 01:34 AM
Very well compiled and it was wonderful to be with all the children and you guys... It feels good to ...

Thanks brother and yes it was just too good to be there, no words can describe the feeling that you get when you see a kid smile and every kid there was smiling
2017-02-27 01:38
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Pro Bunny

MS n Mi | from app


great effort for a lovely cause
2017-02-27 01:41
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Rookie Bunny

Rajesh Zomb | from app


get effort.. appreciate it.
2017-02-27 01:44
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Master Bunny

Shashi | from Mi 4i


wow! that's great..
2017-02-27 01:55
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Master Bunny

Manpreet@Mi | from MI MAX


That's lovely. best and caring
2017-02-27 01:59
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Master Bunny

JD157 | from app


thanks for sharing
2017-02-27 02:40
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Radmax replied at 2017-02-27 01:34 AM
Very well compiled and it was wonderful to be with all the children and you guys... It feels good to ...

Very nice effort friends.
2017-02-27 04:47
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A Proud Mi Fan!

Grand Master Bunny

1551933260 | from Redmi 3S


Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
2017-02-27 05:33
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MIUI beta tester

lavnidhi | from mobile


Awesome. So good to see many faces there. I wish I could have joined too. Thanks guys for spreading love and smile between these kids.
2017-02-27 06:21
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