We're recruiting Mi Fan Club Presidents for next 5 cities! [Announced]

2016-06-14 11:34:12

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Hi Mi Fans,

Mi India welcomes passionate Mi Fans to start Mi Fan Clubs and spread the love for Mi!
Mi Fan Clubs are made up by Mi Fans, for Mi Fans. It's where passionate, like-minded Mi Fans come together in their local communities and take part in Mi-related activities. Mi Fan Club Presidents organize offline events and act as a bridge between Mi Staff and local fan clubs. Presidents are responsible of bringing together Mi Fans through fun, interactive activities so that our fans can get to know each other, share their interests and spread the love for Xiaomi!

There are currently 10 Mi Fan Clubs in India. We are looking for individuals who love Xiaomi, their fellow Mi Fans and who can commit long-term. Join our Mi Fan family!

Benefits for Mi Fan Club Presidents:
​​- Honor and glory. All Mi Fan Club Presidents will receive a medal once Mi Community for India launches
- F-codes. Presidents who perform well will receive F-codes for the hottest and most limited Mi Products
- Exclusive invites. Presidents who perform well will get exclusive invites to our offline events like product launches or annual events
- Goodies. Mi Fan Club Presidents get a mystery goodie every month if they meet the requirements set by the Mi Community team
- Work closely with official Mi staff. Presidents will get to interact with our fun team of Mi staff on a frequent basis

Cities where we're currently looking for Mi Fan Club Presidents:
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahmadabad
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Chandigarh

We will be opening up more cities for Mi Fan Clubs in India. If you're interested in starting a Mi Fan Club in your city too, leave a comment below!

Selection Criteria for Mi Fan Club Presidents:
​- Passionate about Xiaomi, honest and reliable, friendly, responsible
- Mature, polite, willing to help other Mi Fans and learn from others
- Must live in the city where he/she is applying to be a Mi Fan Club President
- First preference will be to Super moderators/Moderators or Most active Mi fan from the forum
- Able to craft good content and threads for our forum
- No previous record of being banned or spamming
- Able to work peacefully and conscientiously with Mi staff and admins and follow instructions
- Mi Fans who love technology and have skills in photography, design, blogging  will be given priority

Responsibilities of Mi Fan Club Presidents:
- Lead and organize Mi Fan Club offline events​ on monthly basis
- Share event recaps on India section on MIUI forum
- Grow Mi Fan Club in your city and increase influence of Mi Fan Clubs
- Work together with official Mi staff to organize related themed events
- Other related tests and requirements for Mi Fan Clubs
- If you think you fit the bill to become a Mi Fan Club President, then sign up on this form with the following information!

How do I know if I'm selected?

Upon approval, Mi staff will reach out to you. All interim Mi Fan Club Presidents will go through a training period of 1 month and have to organize their first Mi Fan Club event within a month, without sponsorship from Xiaomi and attended by at least 10 people. You will also have to submit an event recap thread. We are going to select 2 candidates per city for president and after the training period and passing of all requirements, you will then be confirmed as a Mi Fan Club President/Vice President based on your passion and contribution and given the relevant title to continue working with Mi staff!


Number of participants 31Experience +35 Collapse Reason
MiAkash + 1 Interesting!
Jayapalan + 1 Interesting!
Ramasasthri Joghee + 1 Interesting!
1666729181 + 1 Powerful!
mi_sagar + 1 Interesting!
Jashwanth Reddy + 1 Powerful!
Pqrth seth + 1 Powerful!
Shanku143 + 1 Interesting!
1548862387 + 1 Powerful!
Shantanumohod + 1 Interesting!
1623618641 + 1 Powerful!
r121g + 1 Interesting! review my profile...
Vaiter + 1 Interesting!
Takshan69 + 1 Very nice!
YoGi_1996 + 1
Prabhu Kulkarni + 1 Useful!
Dulcie + 1 Interesting!
michaelliao07 + 1 Interesting!
Lalmama Pachuau + 1 The best!
Raj Sharma + 1 Interesting!

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2016-06-14 11:34:12
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gh.rohit Author |


Here are the new Mi Fan club presidents:

1. Swapnil - Mi FC Pune
2. saimadhav - Mi FC Pune
3. k vamsee krishna - Mi FC Hyderabad
4. Ashish Kamatala - Mi FC Hyderabad
5. Swastik Swaroop - Mi FC Bhubneswar
6. Keval Thakkar - Mi FC Ahmedabad
7. Aty - Mi FC Chandigarh
8. Abhayshahi - Mi FC Chandigarh

Congrats all, All presidents please connect with me on Telegram. My telegram id is @RohitGh


Number of participants 7Experience +15 Collapse Reason
Dasari5 + 1 Powerful!
Gandharv + 1 Very nice! Congrats to the new President
TanmayS + 1 Very nice! All the best Swastik!
Ashish Kamatala + 1 thank you
Krishna Vamsee + 1 The best!
swastikswaroop + 5 Awesome
SuzAnDroid + 5 Very nice! Congrats to new Presidents

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2016-06-20 17:04:32
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All the best Guys....
2016-06-14 13:42:14
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All The Bust For The President Post, Guys.
2016-06-14 14:16:19
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All the best .  

2016-06-14 14:20:44
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This is really great news..
2016-06-14 14:34:18
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All the best for the upcoming presidents....
2016-06-14 14:35:32
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Keep Smiling hehehehe  :D:D
All the best to those who are applying for President Post :D
2016-06-14 15:05:17
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I have read all the Terms and COnditions of yours. I want to apply for President of Pune Fan Club. Till now I have carried 2 Fan meets in Pune with Sai and Gaurav. As well I'm one of the passionate Mi fan from My city. Also I will make sure that Pune Fan Club will be among the Hottest and Trending Fan Clubs of Pune.


Number of participants 4Experience +4 Collapse Reason
452138289 + 1 Best Candidate
Bhagz + 1 The best!
Hiren Vasani + 1 Powerfull!
Mohammed Faisal + 1 The best!

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2016-06-14 15:21:24
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Need Help? PM me or Tag me in your Post.
Mi FC Pune President. Mi Live ID: 4390674
Good to see 5 more Cities forming the Mi Fan Club!

I encourage the active members from these cities to apply and become the President :)

- President, MiFC Bangalore ;)
2016-06-14 15:28:57
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MiFC Bangalore

blog | twitter | youtube
Good luck to all those seeking President and VP post.  Hope the deserved one gets
2016-06-14 15:30:42
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Good luck to all those seeking President and VP post.  Hope the deserved one gets
2016-06-14 15:32:18
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