Hello Friends,

Xiaomi manufactures various products that meet specific needs and it is usually common to see products tailored towards a particular season coming out at the right time. It is presently winter time and Xiaomi has added to its catalog of products that help families tackle the biting cold with the launch of a new product dubbed Circle kitchen multi-functional hot pot. Yes, it is a product for the kitchen and an electric hot pot which serves as a pot and a cooker at the same time.

Design wise, the electric cooker is manufactured using waterproof design which protects the electrical components. It also features a separate coupler and has a more secure plug. The home appliance has two wooden handles at the sides which doesn’t get too hot when the pot is in use. There is also a glass lid with a wooden handle. Internally, the hot pot comes with a U-shaped heating pipe inside which ensures it is heated evenly. The heat pipe is isolated from the body so there is no risk of electrocution and since the design is waterproof, water can’t get inside the heating chamber and thus no risk of causing short circuit. It features a 1500W power rating and can achieve rapid heating.

The Circle kitchen multi-functional hot pot has a capacity of 4L which is large enough to cook meals. The inside is coated with a food-grade non-sticky coating which is easy to clean. There is also a switch which lets users adjust the cooking temperature. The temperature can be adjusted within the range of 38-210 ℃. The types of food that can be cooked in the hot pot varies and that is why it is known as a multi-functional hot pot. It can be used to stir fry, deep fry, and also to make stew, barbecue and several

As stated earlier, the Xiaomi cooker comes with a modest price tag of 239 Yuan (~$38) and is currently available to buy on Xiaomi’s Youpin platform.