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[Recap] #5 Hands On Redmi Note 4 meet with Chandigarh Mi Fans!

2017-01-23 08:04 AM

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Hey, Mi'er or Miui'er or Mi Fans

It was sunday and also the D'Day for us. Hope Y'all must have enjoyed as much we did. There were around 43 visitors in total few were early and few joined late. Breaking our own personal record of Redmi Note 3. We thought it would be difficuit managing with so many new faces but glad to have the mature faces around the corner making it much more easier to manage and interact with the enthusiasm. Every thing was smooth and everything went good. We got around 52 responses and almost everyone who responded visited us.


We made it very clear no gifts were to be givenaway yet the crowd was nice and awesome. But yes we're giving away F-codes and Kanna is sorting things up for the F-code giveaway lets see the variant soon ;) Lotsof question regarding the Black variant, it will take time for it to go on sale. Moving on clear sky and a good day that is how our day begain. Stopping by early and thanks to Pushpinder, Mukesh, Arup and Lokesh for an early visit not to forget our fellow explorer Arpit special thanks to him for visit from over 900+ kms.

The meet begain at around 3, there were a lot of new Mi Fans and I decided to introduced them to both our fan club and community on . A special dedicated space for Mi Fans from India. Up net we decided to have a group selfie since few people were in a hurry and few were still looking to join us later. Abhay took care of all the registration and I made sure everyone was introduced to the new device along with my experiences  and their  suggestions.


The venue was beautiful and it was lit with around 30+ people we decided to go in and start exploring the new device. You won't see me in any picture but I was there Later there were few talented Mi fans I started explaining them about Mi Live How it works and what it is for talented photographers a  brief about the photography team.
Let the pictures do the talking now !

IMG_1834.JPG IMG_1801.JPG IMG_20170122_161434_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_161428_HDR.jpg IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1860.JPG IMG_1868.JPG IMG_1869.JPG IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1871.JPG IMG_20170122_143047.jpg IMG_20170122_173648.jpg

IMG_20170122_150806.jpg IMG_20170122_154129.jpg IMG_20170122_163005_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_163025_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_163010_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_163037_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_163204.jpg IMG_20170122_164056.jpg IMG_20170122_164112.jpg IMG_20170122_164120.jpg IMG_20170122_164127.jpg IMG_20170122_164134.jpg IMG_20170122_164211.jpg IMG_20170122_164243.jpg IMG_20170122_164252.jpg IMG_20170122_164256.jpg IMG_20170122_153251.jpg IMG_20170122_153931.jpg IMG_20170122_155340.jpg IMG_20170122_162426_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_162604_HDR.jpg IMG_20170122_162527.jpg IMG_20170122_162416_HDR.jpg

Finishing up! with  my gratitude towards

Rohit and Kanna for the fan clubs and Nisar

for guiding throughout the explorer program.



Number of participants 3Experience +3 Collapse Reason
Manish Sabharwal + 1 Powerful!
Mak Dabra + 1 The best!
Mukesh9041 + 1 Very nice!

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2017-01-23 08:04 AM
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Master Bunny

danishs | from app


nice ......
2017-01-23 08:39 AM
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Master Bunny

Being Savvy | from Redmi Note 3


Great meetup ......Mi Fans
2017-01-23 09:03 AM
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Pro Bunny

1643649708 | from Redmi Note 3


2017-01-23 09:28 AM
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Master Bunny

S_A_ARUN | from Redmi 3S

2017-01-23 09:34 AM
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Pictures are more clear on comparison to Note 3
2017-01-23 09:42 AM
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Pro Bunny

bunnysaurabh | from Redmi 3S


2017-01-23 10:36 AM
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Nice to Meet all MI Fans at Chandigarh.
Redmi Note 4 really great smartphone , thanks for making it experience to Mi Fans.
2017-01-23 10:36 AM
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Semi Pro Bunny

Goluk5589 | from Redmi Note 3


nice good job by mi india....
2017-01-23 11:12 AM
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Semi Pro Bunny

KJB777 | from Redmi 3S


great Masti ....
2017-01-23 11:41 AM
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MIUI beta tester

max_maurya | from MI MAX


Total fun for a Nice meet up, specially RN4
2017-01-23 12:43 PM
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