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New features About MIUI Release dates

Mi Drop

Transfer files lightning fast
Mi Drop allows seamless transfer of files between devices without requiring an internet connection. It’s supported on the devices which run on Android 4.4 and later.

Mi Video

Mi Video supports popular video formats and subtitles. It even intelligently groups episodes by show and allows you to hide videos that you wish to keep private.

App vault

One-stop spot for all your most used features and info.

Make use of specific features without searching for them. Call cabs, take notes, view upcoming events, and many more.

Access your favorite features with a single tap

App vault shortcuts allow you to access core features of your favorite apps. Opening the scanner for a PayTM transaction is a matter of a tap now.

Call cabs with a single tap

Add your most frequently used address and you can call a cab with just a single tap.

And more




Lightning speed

Evolution of user experience

Launch apps faster

Launch speed is key to overall experience. MIUI 9 not only launches system apps faster, but also most third-party apps.

Consistently smooth

Mobile operating systems tend to slow down after prolonged use. We analyzed the causes for this, and optimized smoothness in dozens of factors to ensure optimum performance.

System optimization

Smooth and stable

System optimized on all levels

Animated icons

System icons aren't static anymore, and launching and closing them is more satisfying with new icon animations to signify the action.

Split screen

In MIUI 9, you can run 2 apps simultaneously on the same screen, and you can adjust the screen space each takes.

Erase lines and objects

Using Mi Cloud AI algorithm, you can remove unwanted lines and objects from your photos.

Create photo masterpieces in a snap.


Add special and fun stickers to your photos!

Home screen

MIUI 9 Home screen is highly customizable. Simply pinch the screen to rearrange icons, add widgets, and uninstall apps.

Notification shade

The new Notification shade now presents information in a more concise and comprehensive way. It groups all notifications on a by-app basis to reduce clutter. You can even quickly reply to messages without opening the app.

Silent mode

Silent mode can now be enabled directly through the sound panel, and a time can be configured to automatically disable silent mode.

Calendar cards

Calendar is now much more than just a list of upcoming events.

Train tickets

MIUI 9 now recognizes your train ticket SMS messages and intelligently turns them into simple cards with all the important information on it.

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