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[MIUI Review] MIUI 8 India Features (Caller ID for SMS, Action Buttons) Feedback Required

2016-08-12 11:01 PM

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Messaging is perhaps the most important and most used medium for communication in our lives. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger have taken over SMS in recent times as the main communication tools. Yet, Business still rely on SMS to communicate to their end users.
If you look at your phone, you will see messages cluttering your SMS inbox. Hence last year in MIUI 7, we built something called the notification folder which identifies such messages and groups them in a special folder called Notifications, separate from SMS sent from your saved contacts.

Notification Folder

In MIUI 8 we thought of doing something more that could help our MIUI users identify messages from Business easily and take actions if required.

Caller ID for SMS
If you check your MIUI 7 Notification folder in SMS app(picture above), you will find lot of messages from business. It’s pretty difficult to associate the SMS to its sender. One might take spilt seconds to read the message and then figure out who is the sender. We thought, there's got to be a solution to this problem. We decided to decipher it for our MIUI users automatically. Hence we collected sender-ids of most popular business and gave them a name and logo that everyone can identify easily. So now you don't need to decipher, who is the sender of SMS. MIUI does that for you.

sms caller id before.png

sms caller id after.png

To built this feature we tried to cover most popular ones, but our goal is to cover everything that is relevant for this feature.
This is where we rely on you guys. We need your help to increase the coverage of this feature and help fellow MIUI users enjoy the full potential of this feature.
Click on the form below and send us the Sender-Id of SMS that is sent from Business (not ads). We will include relevant entries and make this feature better every day.

SMS Action Buttons
In MIUI 7 we introduced the Copy OTP action button, which is by far one of the most loved MIUI 7 feature. We got a lot of great feedback about this, every time we asked our Mi Fans.
For MIUI 8 we thought, why not build more useful things like Copy OTP. MIUI users on an average open SMS app more than 10 times every day.They open their SMS app probably to check something or to do some action.
For eg. Booking details of that movie that you want to watch or your flight details or a SMS from your operator informing you about your balance/postpaid bill.

Now with MIUI 8, we have included more action buttons to make do those certain actions right from your SMS app.
1) Add to Calendar
2) Recharge Now

With Add to calendar, now you can add that booking detail of a movie ticket from say, BookMyShow with just ONE tap. We are constantly adding more business for this feature every day.
add to calendar sms.png
Tap Add to Calendar button

sms add to calendar.png
Find your Booking

With Recharge Now you can directly recharge via Mobikwik right from your SMS app. You never have to download any application to pay your bills or recharge your phone or any relevant services. For this feature to work, we will be covering more business constantly too.

sms recharge now sms.png
Tap on Recharge Now

sms recharge now mobikwik.png
Mobikwik integration

Let us know in the comments below, if you find these features useful. Update to the latest 6.8.11 Global Beta Builds to start using these features.
I will be following up with another post on CallerID and Yellow Pages.
So Stay Tuned.

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2016-08-12 11:01 PM
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very useful
2016-08-13 10:57 AM
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Redmi 1S|Mi3|Mi Band|Redmi Note 3|Redmi 3S|Mi Band 2
Awesome features.
2016-08-13 10:58 AM
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This is very time saving feature
2016-08-13 11:01 AM
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Really it's simplify my life...
2016-08-13 11:05 AM
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The most wanted feature is here!!!!
2016-08-13 11:30 AM
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akibkhan | from mobile


nice bro.......
2016-08-13 11:34 AM
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RAJUKAMMELLA | from mobile


Making simple everything,nice feature.
2016-08-13 11:37 AM
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miui is awesome
2016-08-13 11:44 AM
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M -Masters
2016-08-13 11:47 AM
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MIUI beta testers

Suvvi0004 | from mobile


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2016-08-13 11:59 AM
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