[Announcement] How to use the 'Report' feature effectively!

2016-12-30 10:14 AM

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Hello, Mi Fans!

Mi Community is growing rapidly and we already have reached to 650K members within 6 months of its launch. And in no time Mi Community will have a million members!
There are countless Mi Fans who have contributed to the growth of Mi Community by posting threads and helping out other users.
But there are also other ways by which you can contribute to the growth of Mi Community by helping out the moderators to keep this place clean and Spam free!
And how is it done?
By using the 'Report' option to keep Mi Community Spam free!

You might have seen a 'Report' button below every thread or post which looks like this:

Well, have you ever wondered that what does it actually do?
If someone has posted inappropriate content that violates Mi Community Rules and Regulations or the Rules of that particular section,
then you can Report that content to the Moderators of that section simply by pressing the Report Button.

Typical scenarios where you can use a report option when a user:

i)   has used abusive words/inappropriate language
ii)  is advertising or sharing irrelevant third party links
iii) has posted copied content without mentioning the source
iv) is spamming or posting off-topic content
v)  has posted duplicate replies/threads

To see the full details of Mi Community Rules and Violations, you should check out:
After you file a report, the moderators will automatically receive a notification and they will handle it accordingly.
This feature provides a great help to the moderators and helps in keeping the Community clean and safe.
And in return, you might also receive Mi Community points after a moderator deals with your report!

Here's how it works:

1) You report a content that is spam or violates Mi Community Rules


Just press the  'Report' button to proceed to the next step.

2) You select the reason of reporting


Select a reason from the list provided and if doesn't fall under any of the mentioned categories then Select 'Other' and provide the reason why you feel this content is inappropriate.

3) The Moderators of that section receives the notification

All the moderators of that particular section will automatically receive your report and they will deal with it as soon as possible.

4) The moderator deals with your report

Now the moderator can Edit/Delete the post or Warn/Ban the user or he/she can discuss the matter with Mi Community Admins.

5) In return, you might receive Mi Community Points!


After a report has been successfully dealt with, the moderator may decide to give you some free points!

And that's it! This is how one keeps Mi Community Spam free!

I hope this post will encourage everyone to use this feature effectively!
Just make sure that you don't misuse this feature by reporting content which doesn't violate any rule here.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice spam free day!


2016-12-30 10:14 AM
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Pro Bunny

vbh.friend | from Mi 4i


Thank you For Sharing Valuable information
2016-12-30 10:24 AM
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Resources Team

Rajesh_Pawar | from Redmi 3S


Yes indeed,its a nice feature to make spam free Mi community hope everyone will make use to report invalid content and comments Happy new year Mi fans ✔
2016-12-30 10:45 AM
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Master Bunny

akibkhan | from MI MAX


thanks for sharing information.
2016-12-30 11:06 AM
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Techie Team

Praful Prajapati | from Redmi 3S


Good to see this thread
2016-12-30 02:42 PM
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Intern Moderator



Great thread, informative.
Thanks for sharing.
2016-12-31 03:09 PM
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MIUI Stable testers

Mi PAVAN KUMAR | from Redmi Note 3


thanks for sharing
2017-01-05 07:21 AM
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MIUI beta testers

AamanMahi | from Redmi Note 3


Thanks for the information, please add this feature in the community app also.
2017-01-30 12:22 PM
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Mi4i and Redmi Note 3 Global Beta Tester.....

Newbie Reporter

Venk | from Redmi Note 3


Nice Info Bro.. I recently did
2017-01-30 12:36 PM
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Advanced Bunny

cool player | from app


thank you for this
2017-03-06 12:56 AM
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