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[Discussion] Amazfit Bip Music Control

2018-01-02 14:25:27
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Just got my bip watch. Is Xiaomi or should I say Huami planning to update to let the watch control music?

Or do u guys have any suggestion(s) to make it possible? I have read blogs about 3rd party apps but it's still a no go.

Aside from being able to track my health it would be great to be healthy while on the groove right? :)

Thank u in advace for the help!

2018-01-02 14:25:27
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Hello there, as of now I have not received any official news about the amazfit bip being able to have this feature, let me look further into this issue!
2018-01-02 22:54:01
Appreciate your response and help, JJ! Fans (including me) who bought this watch already submitted a petition to Huami via 3rd party org site to please Huami in adding this feature. I don't think Huami listens but Xiaomi does. Fans are hoping for the best.
2018-01-03 00:11:01
1 question....are the heart rate sensor working correctly as garmin watch ?
2018-01-06 03:29:40
Matt wandagreat
1 question....are the heart rate sensor working correctly as garmin watch ?

I havent tried Garmin watch but this bip does the job.
2018-01-06 05:03:44
I found an alternative solution to control music. :) It's not the best and user friendly though. I used Mi Bandage app and use the physical button to play the next song.
2018-01-10 18:34:17
Chinito replied at 2018-01-10 21:34:17
I found an alternative solution to control music. :) It's not the best and user friendly though. I u ...

Hi Chinito could you please provide a tutorial of how you do it? Does It interfere with other functions in the watch?

Thank you very much
2018-01-14 20:29:03
Sure. To set your expectations, this alternative is not the best but more of "i have no choice" mission lol. :) Only we can control the "next" track in our playlist using the physical button on our watch.

It won't interfere the main feature(s) of the watch but try it first then see if it meets your expectations.

1. Download Mi Bandage
2. connect ur watch
3. Hover to control by swiping on the left as shown on the pic below
4. In the control menu look for music control and record the touch on ur watch. see other pic below
5. To record touch, press the red record button on the menu. Then press the physical button on the watch.
6. once it records the touch control, play a track in ur google play music app.
7. Test by pressing the physical button on the watch. It should play the next song.

Again this is just a no choice alternative until we have Xiaomi talk to the developer of this watch to update and add the music control feature.

I used this everyday when travelling going to work and back home. It does the job by playing the next song. Keep in mind that when pressing the physical button it will play the next song regardless if your goal is just to check the time.

Hope this helps or maybe not. :)

PS - if u find a new feature on the Mi bandage app that makes our lives easier, do let the community know!
2018-01-14 21:56:46
Nito, you bought Amazfit?
2018-02-03 09:36:23
Kerk Lik Christopher
Nito, you bought Amazfit?

Yes bro last year. Been using this as my main watch.
2018-02-03 09:38:15
Guys someone created a signature campaign for this feature. Suggest to sign it if you want this feature https://www.change.org/p/huang-wang-music-control-on-amazfit-bip?recruiter=814479859&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
2018-02-19 10:38:03
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