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[Tips] Unlocking the Mi4c BOOT LOADER without verification by Xiaomi

2016-06-16 10:44 PM

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This evening I had the same problem like many of you and I just did not want to wait 2-3 weeks for the unlock code from Xiaomi. I went through a lot of threads and different forums to create this guide.

- ADB up and running
- Xiaomi MI4c
- MiFlash:http://bigota.d.miui.com/tools/MiPhone20151028.exe (via http://en.miui.com/a-234.html) - Install
- Mi4c Image:libra_images_6.1.7_20151221.0000.11_5.1_cn_b09dac7 0a0.tgz - unpack until "images" directory is visible!
- [Optional] Mi4c Fastboot Image:miui_MI4c_6.1.21_d1d054460d_5.1.zip
- [Optional] Latest TWRP


Step 1 is optional: I was not sure, if I could use the "fastboot oem edl" command in a higher version of MIUI... feedback required. Thus following is a list of known Xiaomi ROMs which support this procedure:
If you are using one of the following ROM versions, you should be able to unlock the device easily with the provided guide. However, I have messages that the versions don't work with higher MIUI ROM versions.

V6.1.21 (Download link above)

Not confirmed (?)

Not working
No information on this
  • (Optional) Downgrade your Mi4c by flashing any image from the list above via the "Updater" app (use top right icon to select image).
  • Reboot into fastboot mode (Power + Vol Down) until you see the MIUI rabbit and "FASTBOOT"
  • Command: fastboot oem edl (this brings your device in a kind of emergency recovery state) -> the device does only show a black screen. Do the next step.
  • Use MiFlash to flash 6.1.7 image (Browse -> select the "images" directory of the 6.1.7 package and start flashing)
  • Reboot until 6.1.7 is completely loaded (at this point it may take a while)
  • Reboot into fastboot mode (Power + Vol Down)
  • Command: fastboot oem unlock -> at this point you should have an unlocked bootloader.
  • DONE.

2016-06-16 10:44 PM
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i suggest you to follow the official unlock
2016-06-19 10:56 AM
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always use the offical method to unlock
2016-06-19 03:37 PM
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1589362727 replied at 2016-06-19 03:37 PM
always use the offical method to unlock

Yeah I suggest the same
2016-06-19 03:39 PM
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Useless info in India forum no device launched mi4c
2016-06-20 01:52 AM
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Invalid floor, the posts have been deleted #5
2016-06-20 09:11 AM
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I hate Unofficial Methods wgen Official Method is very Simple
2016-06-20 11:01 AM
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