[News] Graphene Electronic Paper Technology: All You Need To Know About

2017-11-13 10:50:18
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Hello Mi Fans!

The new material has been heralded as "The world's first Graphene Electronic Paper," by Chen Yu, general manager of Guangzhou OED Technologies, which developed it in partnership with a company in Chongqing Province.

Graphene is the world's strongest and lightest known material, a single layer of graphene is only 0.335 nanometers thick, and it can conduct heat and electricity.
It can be used to create hard or flexible graphene displays, used in electronic products such as e-readers and wearable smart devices. Compared with traditional e-papers, graphene e-paper is more pliable and has more intensity and its high-light transmittance means optical displays will be much brighter. Touchscreens that use graphene as conductors, if incorporated with plastic instead of glass, can make smartphones so thin they could be folded and then slipped into a pocket. With the material's super strength, touchscreens can be shatter-proofed too.

In addition, graphene is derived from carbon, meaning production costs will be much lower than for traditional e-papers, which use the rare, expensive metal indium. the material is extremely light and thin, it is apparently 150 times stronger than the equivalent weight of steel. Further, similar to the rubber material, graphene is extremely stretchable and holds the capacity to stretch up to 120 percent of its own length.

Compared with liquid crystal displays, e-papers are thinner, bendable and energy efficient, meaning products are more portable. There is ongoing competition among manufacturers to provide full-color ability.

Applications of electronic visual displays include electronic pricing labels in retail shops and digital signage, time tables at bus stations, electronic billboards, mobile phone displays, and e-readers able to display digital versions of books and magazines.

So what are your thoughts about this Electronic Paper, Isn't it interesting! Do share your impressions in the comments section below :)

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2017-11-13 10:50:18
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good information
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Nice technology....
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Good product for future products . Thanks for sharing this with us
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