Any possibility of an upgrade to MiBand 2??
Since last year when Mi Band was introduced, we saw an upgrade within a year with Mi Band2 (oled display) .
I used the first Mi Band and also upgraded to the Mi Band 2, this device is Just awesome, i hardly use my LG Gwatch (SmartWatch) after buying the Mi Band2 .

In the global market there are options -Amazefit and also saw images and views some videos on YouTube showing a Mi Band (3) , maybe that has ECG reading capabilities.

I haven't done a thorough research on the same before posting this thread, if any info please be free to comment below and we can start a debate on this.

The Amazefit is yet again a SmartWatch, to be honest a watch cant be wore while your asleep, its quite uncomfortable.
Threfore devices like the MiBand and MiBand2 fits in completely .

A request/demand/suggestion to Xiaomi to please bring and upgrade to MiBand2 in India.