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[Guide] MI Recovery For All Xiaomi Devices

2016-09-27 14:21:14

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Hi Good MIUIers,
In this tutorial I will provide you a detailedguide on replacing your CWM/TWRP recovery with stock Mi recovery .It involesquite a few steps but they are pretty easy to follow. I will keep the tutorialas easy as possible. So let's get started.

1.Xiaomi Device
2.Mi Recovery(Downloaded From The Link At TheEnd)
Setting Up:
1.Install Flashify App fromPlayStore on Your Device

2.After Installing Flashify Go to Your InternalStorage and Select Android folder->data->com.colinger.flashify->files->flashifybackup->recovery->Paste the downloaded Stock Recovery File Here
IMG_20160925_175027.jpg          IMG_20160925_175055.jpg

IMG_20160925_175129.jpg IMG_20160925_175151.jpg

IMG_20160925_175213.jpg     IMG_20160925_175234.jpg       
3. If There is nothing likecom.colinger.flashify->files->flashify backup->recovery Create ThemWith the Mentioned Names.
4. Now Open Flashify,Go toBackup/Restore  and Restore it from There. If Flashify is not ShowingAny File Please Reboot Your Device and Then Try.

5.Your phone will reboot. You have have nowcompleted flashing Stock Mi recovery replacing CWM/TWRP Recovery on your XiaomiDevice.
Now you can boot into your new recovery by turning off the phone thenpressing "Volume up" and "Power" button together to accessrecovery.

6. DONE ENJOY!!!!!!

Hope I kept the tutorial simple and neat for youguys to follow. For any queries or help, feel free to tag me or reply in thecomments.

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2016-09-27 14:21:14
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will give a try
2016-09-27 14:24:57
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Omkar mh | from app


I will try
2016-09-27 14:41:52
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Advanced Bunny

SuhasSp | from mobile


Thank you
2016-09-27 14:47:16
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Rookie Bunny

Sahil Qaiser | from app


thank you very much
2016-09-27 15:01:51
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Semi Pro Bunny

Akshay Mehar | from mobile


let's try this
2016-09-27 16:32:24
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Advanced Bunny

Vdjsharma90 | from app


can i also replace stock recovery from twrp recovery for flashing my redmi note 3 currently on beta rom 6.9.22 from miui8 to CyanogenMod 13 official.....if not please suggest how to ....i want to use cm 13
2016-09-27 19:03:10
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Pro Bunny

Ayushd70 Author | from app


can i also replace stock recovery from twrp recovery for flashing my redmi note 3 currently on beta  ...

Please search in Community in the device section which you own u will get
2016-09-27 22:24:48
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Pro Bunny

Srihari Mi5 | from app


good tutorial bro
2016-09-27 22:29:49
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Advanced Bunny

A.Jschary | from app


TWRP..!Required or not
2016-09-29 09:15:55
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Pro Bunny

Nimmi Gam | from app


TWRP..!Required or not

No need, but it requires root access. 
2016-09-29 16:50:57
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