Is it possible to mirror a smartphone to another smartphone? With advancement in technology, anything is possible. And for the question above, the answer is yes, indeed! Now, you can control your mobile phone on the computer or other devices like the tablet or another mobile phone with an Android Phone Mirroring Tool.

One such mirroring tool available in the Android platform is the ScreenShare. This free tool offers three ways of connection between your Android phone and other Android devices -- Bluetooth, Hotspots, and WiFi.
Besides, you can also use the ScreenShare browser, service, and organizer to help you connect the two devices better. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to mirror the Android devices.

Step 1: Download the ScreenShare app on the Google Play Store, and then install it on both Android devices that you want to mirror.

Step 2: Once done, launch the ScreenShare and click on the “ScreenShare service” from the menu. Then set the wireless network as the Bluetooth on both Android devices.

Step 3: Pair your Android device with the Bluetooth till you get the 'Connected' message on both the device you connected. If not do it once again.

Step 4: After connection, you can control your Android device with another Android device. However, there are other options available as well including MirrorOp, Air Playit, Optia, and PeerDeviceNet.