Hi everyone!
Recently I moved from a MacBook Pro to Mi Notebook Pro 2019. I like my new laptop but there is a small but notable problem: touchpad feeling is quite, I'd say, sluggish. Can't say that it is bad (actually, it's ok), but it's much less pleasant than MacBook's. Now to the details.

I've reinstalled Windows from scratch and didn't install any "native" drivers from Xiaomi. I've tried to install the
Intel(R)_HIDEventFilterDriver_RS3 Signed_v2.2.1.364

(not sure that it would help me, but it was closest thing to touchpad driver that I could find). The installer said:
The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

I've tried changing the touchpad speed and sensitivity in Windows settings but still can't  achieve the right feeling, especially at small low-speed movements. So, fellow Mi friends, could you please suggest a way to adjust the touchpad? Or should I just get used to it?

Thank you!