Very good points mitch! As always!

I really do see the only competition for this guy to be Asus' ROG II and you know that really says something. Xiaomi was never a big name in gaming phones. Just two generations in and it's competing at the top. It's like how Mi Drone was on par with some of the best DJI drones.

A few things will justify the much higher price of ROG though and that's the much larger battery, better cameras and larger screen size. After all it is a gaming phone so a larger view with more battery to keep you gaming will be important. And I don't know if Asus does this but we know our Gaming Turbo feature already allows for streaming/recording gameplay so having stronger cameras will be important for let's players.

But one thing that I will say Asus still has over Xiaomi is the accessories!

While Black Shark does have its own Nintendo Switch joycons it doesn't have any of these other things. In particular I'm really interested in that dock. While MIUI (so I'm guessing Joy UI too) have the ability to project what's on the screen to a compatible tv which covers for the Switch's docked mode gaming the ROG dock is like those old laptop docking stations that turn your laptop into a full blown PC and so does ROG's. The DS dual screen dock is also pretty cool. Wonder if Xiaomi could look into that. I also wouldn't mind a set of these accessories that work for more than just the Black Shark.

Besides that though just seeing the joycons makes me really really hope we could get something legitimate for these phones or maybe even more. Our other phones do have Gaming Turbo. I wonder what a real Nintendo game would be like on our phones!