Greetings dear Mi-fans.
Earlier in the articles We learned about the wonderful smartphones of the company Xiaomi: MI 9 and MI 9 SE. Today I want to share a small comparative review of these devices in terms of design, ergonomics and convenience.

From the point of view of the design decision, both smartphones differ not only in their size (you can read more in the main articles - reviews), but also in the design of the case.

The flagship of the
MI 9 is smoother than the MI 9 SE. The back cover of the flagship is covered with durable, tempered glass, while the younger brother used a similar coating, but it was made using the 2.5D technology, which visually looks very cool.

MI 9 SE has a stricter shape, and, coupled with the color of the metal rim that separates the display module and the back cover, looks even more premium.

Note: This is purely my opinion and it may of course differ from yours.

Crystal clear and polished safety glass can help you make selfies on the main camera :)

Let's move on to the question of ergonomics and ease of use of smartphones.

If we consider this issue from the point of view of convenience, then MI 9 SE is more convenient for my hand, although I am used to the size of the flagship.

The edges of the
MI 9 SE do not stick into the palm of the hand and do not cause any discomfort, besides, it lies comfortably in the hand and, as compared with the MI 8 SE, does not attempt to slip out of it.

Note: But this is another story, which may come to life in the form of a comparative review.

If we consider the flagship, then it ideally lies in my hand, with the exception of the inconvenient (my opinion) placement of the optical subscreen fingerprint scanner.

I would place it a little higher to the center of the screen due to the fact that it is not always convenient to reach, for example, with your thumb. You can always get used to it, so I do not consider it a minus.

Both smartphones have a different design performance, in some ways there are downsides, and in some ways they have advantages. You decide.

This concludes a small comparative review of the design of two smartphones:
MI 9 and MI 9 SE, thanks for reading my articles.

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