Stable ROMs, for a while, are less stable than betas.Solo have to see the number of complaints per day by different countries. More people use the public beta = more likely to report failures in the internal beta were not detected.  So that after a stable with the same faults that had a beta of 3 weeks earlier (checked by me in a redmi note 5), now xiaomi is removed from the sleeve this decision. I can not applaud, the same as not  can applaud that you can use the EDL, that you brickeen a redmi note 5 for being a Chinese model with global rom, etcc etc. Xiaomi is not what it used to be and every day we take away something more than many fans enjoyed a few years ago.  I'm sorry but I do not think all these things are correct, in my view. What differentiates xiaomi from other brands is being lost and those who have been several years already know that I speak.

I agree with you bro.