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[Other] Amazing Information ! - Vol 4

2017-05-20 00:02:55

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Hello Mi Fans !
I'm back with a new "Amazing Information !" .... It's Volume-4
All we know that mathematics is all around us in our daily life, Even the there is a mathematical theory of why headphones are knotting !

The chances of a string getting knotted depend on its length. A string of length less than 46cm will hardly ever get knotted, but the probability of a string getting knotted increases with an increase in the length of the string.
Dorian M. Raymer and Douglas E. Smith showed that two key factors cause complex knots to "form within seconds": "critical string length" and "agitation time".

Essentially the longer the lengths of cable and the more they're shaken the more likely it is that a knot will spontaneously form.

It doesn't take much time for a neatly placed string to get into an awful mess inside a box. As shown in the diagram, all it takes is one end of a string crossing the other end twice to form a spontaneous knot.
In short, scientists are saying that there is nothing you can do to prevent your earphones from getting knotted !
2017-05-20 00:02:55
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Semi Pro Bunny

Virenrock | from Redmi Note 4


Lol...even Mathematics fail to solve this.
2017-05-20 01:06:32
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Master Bunny

Shimbhu Dayal | from Redmi Note 4


thanks for sharing
2017-05-20 06:48:45
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Master Bunny

SAIRITWIK | from Redmi Note 3


Good info....
2017-05-20 07:16:41
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Master Bunny

Abhinav Sinha | from Redmi Note 3


nice information...
2017-05-20 07:21:19
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Master Bunny

Aman35442 | from Redmi 3S


thanks for sharing
2017-05-20 08:23:56
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Amandeep Singh

Master Bunny

atultej | from Redmi Note 3


thanks for sharing
2017-05-20 08:33:40
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Pro Bunny

Nk@mi | from Redmi 3S


nice info.......
2017-05-20 10:00:45
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Grand Master Bunny

1605405280 | from Redmi Note 4


nice information
2017-05-20 11:19:42
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Advanced Bunny

Viru9033 | from Redmi Note 4


thanks for sharing
2017-05-20 12:11:47
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MIUI Translator team

Durgz | from Redmi 3S


Useful information!   
2017-05-20 12:40:26
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