Way back Nokia Lumia time, when they do a lot of work to successfully port full Windows OS to ARM processor but it wasn't that easy thing to do.

Recently, new mobile shell for Windows 10 has been developed by ADeltaX with the purpose to bring Windows mobile elements to Windows 10 tablet mode. In this expirement, NTauthority posted a picture in Twitter with their success in running Windows 10 Tablet mode with all the elements of Windows mobile in OnePlus 6T device. Although it looks awesome in this device yet some functions wasn't working so well yet. Currently Windows on ARM has only support Google Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 6T.

While Windows 10 on mobile is still a hack version, there is still a much work to be done to give another hope to run full Windows in our most-use device; our Android device. There is a little hope for now under the sun, a good experience is awaiting for Windows 10 mobile.

So, what do you think for Windows 10 mobile for ARM? How about Windows 10 mobile in Xiaomi devices? Is it a big yes for you? Or, an impossible thing to happen? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section. Adio!

Credit to: NTauthority (Twitter account) for the above image