peeps replied at 2017-05-23 22:15:01
hi sir/madam .

first thank for sharing, from what you shared, this is NOT A '' which u stated

Hello peeps , i have purchased 30 MI xioami smart plug zigbee version, does these works wifi too ?

here is the problem , i read online the hub is limited to 30 devices max i think zigbee.

but here is my setup: ... .9042311.0.0.UXOXbm ... .9042311.0.0.UXOXbm

i was able to pair the smart plugs to mi gateway version 2 , i reaches 20 socket and part of them start showing offline.

i have remove one and l kept it 19 zigbee plug now i always have 3 to 4 plugs shows offline, i try to repair they work then stop again.

if i open the app i see the plug offline but i can see the current power wattage showing and the monthly and daily are 0. and the app says device is offline.

i keep refreshing and refreshing , then i see 2 to 3 plugs online back and still 1 offline.
later another 4 drops and i see them offline.

it is like the hub is limited to x number of zigbee devices.