Which X-Men Dark Phoenix character are you? Reply to win Redmi Note 7 and More!

I'm NotEqual and I am in this world with my sealed abilities, because I suffer from resonance, and a wrong stimulus can cause me to implode and to destroy the world.

I am very intelligent, and I use my wisdom in favor of the situation, making silent decisions glimpsing the end of each battle.

My powers are psychic and vibrational.

I can use telekinesis to communicate with other people, create illusions and observe truths in that person's memory.
If I want to do damage, I can launch a psionic burst to stress my enemy's mind.
I still do not know the full extent of my power, but in extreme cases, I control all the particles around me with my mind, and the shot in the form of vibrations destroying everything in return.
I also managed to move objects, using the power of the mind, but as I did not train enough, I only formed a small ball of the bowling style with the dust and clay particles of the place, I believe that if I flung compressing the pressure from within, I could do enough damage.


Tks MI for this ;) It is important to imagine, to dream and to be creative!

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